Where do American public attitudes towards differences come from - Essay Example

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God made man superior to all creatures by blessing him with the highest intelligence and the sense to distinguish between things.On top of that, God guided man through the Prophets and Holy Books at different points so that people know what they may do, what they have to do…
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Where do American public attitudes towards differences come from
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"Where do American public attitudes towards differences come from"

Religion lays the basis of civilization as it embodies the complete code of ethics to guide human behavior. Although the teachings of different religions differ from each other, and so do the views and perceptions of the nations following them, yet almost all religions have similar stances over ethics and moral values. Over the centuries, these ethical standards and moral values have grounded in the cultures and have become the most important criteria upon which human behavior is evaluated. Over the passage of time, societies have become increasingly multicultural, that has in effect, promoted learning and adaptation to different cultures. As a result of this, people all over the world have developed particular views and notions about differences on the basis of religion, gender, and sexual orientation etc. Although attitudes about differences are believed to be inborn, these attitudes really are learned. Diversity of cultures is one factor that drives the society’s attitudes about differences. Let’s take societal perceptions about homosexuality as an example. In unicultural societies e.g. Iran and Pakistan, people at large hold negative perceptions about homosexuality whereas in multicultural societies e.g. Canada and South Africa, there is so much acceptability for the homosexuality that gay marriages are legal in them. This is largely the influence of different cultures on each other, and that these attitudes are learned rather than in-born. An example of this is the illegalized gay marriage in the USA. Gay marriage is still illegal in the USA because despite its claims of being so, the USA is not really multicultural. The same point has been argued by Brooks in these words, “We don't really care about diversity all that much in America, even though we talk about it a great deal” (Brooks). In this quotation, Brooks conveys that people belonging to different races and ethnicities like Blacks and Caucasian Americans dwell in different localities maintaining their distinct cultures and values. I have observed a noticeable increase in the eligibility of the African American candidates for recruitment in good jobs since Mr. Barack Obama became the president of the USA. The presidency of Mr. Barack Obama generated a message to the entire nation that the African Americans should not be underestimated in terms of capability and talent. The consequential increase in the employment of African Americans means that attitudes about differences are really learned rather than in-born. Attitudes toward differences are inculcated in children right from the first day of their learning, and they only become stronger with time. Just as a child becomes mature enough to communicate with the elders, the child displays these attitudes of differences. Seeing a child at such a tender age of 1.5 or 2 years display these attitudes makes people think that attitudes toward differences are in-born but there are really not. What is in-born is just the child’s sense to distinguish between things. This sense helps the child judge things and tell one thing from another even without external help. However, differentiating between people on the basis of their religion, or sexual orientation and holding positive, mixed, or negative perceptions about them is largely an outcome of parental supervision and monitoring of the children’s behavior. Birgitte Vittrup conducted a research to assess the possibility of beneficial effects of typical videos containing multicultural storylines meant for children upon their racial attitudes. Vittrup required the research Read More
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