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Shame of the Nation Annotation - Essay Example

These people were shipped to the farm lands in America and other parts of Europe in very inhumane manners. Once there, they were forced to work in the field without pay and under deplorable conditions. When eventually the United States got its independence and started practicing self rule, the African American could not fit into the society. The industrial revolution had come and there was no need for slaves to tend the fields as they had been substituted by machines. The African Americans could not be shipped back to Africa; they had increased in number and most of them had died. All those who were left were their descendants, being people who had played servants to their white owners; they had quite a difficult time integrating into the wider American society. The white people discriminated grossly against them with lots of stereotypes targeted at them. This book portrays how bad the situation was and how difficult life was made to be for the African Americans by the whites. Right from the first page, the narrator of the story, which is consequently told in the first person narration, introduces the reader to the brutality of the government. ...
From the whispers in the neighborhood, it does not become hard to tell that the deaths were instigated by the atrocious arm of the government. To make the reader visualize how bad the treatments could get, the white lead character who doubles up as the “I” in the story felt the pain when he studied the relationship that existed between the two

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Being approximately one of the sharpest problem of American society, racial inequality has its bright expression in examples of school segregation, which can be noticed as wide-spread aspects of social life in the USA. Despite of years of struggling for their rights and equal treatment, African Americans and Mexicans still have to study in separate schools apart from the white Americans.
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In his work there exists a variety of themes which indicate just how rich this book is in terms of diversity. Tim brings out the different themes through the use of the various stories, however what stands out is the fact that several themes keep on recurring in the different stories in the book.
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Journal about the text, Shame of the Nation, pages 1-37
‘Dishonoring the Dead’ is significant as it shows how the urban public schools, named after prominent black leaders who had fought passionately for civil rights and abolition of slavery, are displaying open segregation based on color and race. Thurgood Marshall Elementary
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The Shame of the Nation
This is because of issues like high education cost or low standards. This is clear evidence that education system in this country is segregated according to races. Drug use, violence, and indiscipline are major. These
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Journal about the text, Shame of the Nation by Kozol, pages 285-317 and 265-284 of Jonathan Kozol's Shame of the Nation
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Shame of a nation
This is evident in the kind of education offered in public schools. The education system is corrupt. Not all the children receive the same opportunity to have a good education. The rich and able
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races: one claiming superiority and thereby trampling on the rights of the innocent other who out of fear and ignorance was submissive to the oppression. There existed severe segregation, and as the lead character narrates, these acts of animosity touched his heart compelling him to engage in his course for justice. He signed up as a teacher in a nearby African school (Jonhatan 2). He points out that he had not been into an African territory before in his life and this further helps the reader to conceptualize the extent of the segregation that existed in these times. As a teacher, he confesses to having many black friends. This is an occurrence that surprised him. This means that even as the whites kept demeaning the blacks and calling them uncivilized, they had not taken an initiative of venturing out to study the social prowess of this other group. The lead character proceeds with his collage until completion upon which he becomes an educator. He is moves from school to school in the black neighborhoods as he refers to them. He later introduces the HIV/ AIDS factor. In a region in the south called Mott Heaven, he observes the high rate of the HIV prevalence and this is not made any easier with instances of mother child infection resulting in more young people being infected in these black neighborhoods. This, however, is not the case with the


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Shame of the Nation Annotation The story is told of a nation that is just coming to terms with liberalism. For a long time the United States of America had been under the British colony. As the story begins, a lead character who is also the persona in the story introduces the readers to a series of brutality and inhuman murders targeted at a single group within the American population…
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Shame of the Nation Annotation
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