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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Education and Parental involvement Introduction In the current society, education is a principal requirement for children growing up. This is regardless of the social, cultural or economic backgrounds. This is because education is crucial in ensuring that a child’s future is secure and that they are not left out by their peers in the society…
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Education and Parental Involvement
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Download file to see previous pages The crucial stakeholders in the process include teachers and parents among others though the mentioned are the most crucial in educating the children. This is because this two are the most involved in the education process. It might be perceived that it is the teachers are solely the ones having a significant impact in a child’s education. This is misconstrued, since parents are the first teachers for a child. They also spend a considerable amount of time with them naturally making them Principle figures in the education process. Various factors influence the input of guardians and instructors in the education process. In the articles, one if the most prominent factor is social class. This is because this factor influences the situations in which the child faces in their quest to be educated. According to Rodriguez, cultural background is also significant since education is influenced significantly overtly or indirectly with culture. Economic classes are also prominent in this process. All this factors come into play when an immigrant child attempts to learn in a foreign environment. This is because the learning process is not only alien to the learner, but also to the guardians. Rose, who shows the significance of alienation of these parties to the process, reiterates this fact. This is because there are numerous limitations in the understanding and participation of the parents in ensuring the success of a child in school. Although learning is a crucial requirement in the modern society, there are various limitations that immigrant parents face, in their involvement, in the edification process of their children. Based on the articles, when a family immigrates, they are exposed to a new environment. This will mean that the family will have to adapt to the new scenario. This will mean that both parents and child will have to readjust themselves to the new education system. This is because the new system will be centered on the cultural inclinations of the new environment (Rodriguez, p3). This will lead to alienation of the student and the parent from the education process. This will result in the parent not being in a position of extending assistance to the Child’s schoolwork. This is because the situation will expose the child and parent to cultural extremes. This will lead to conflicting influences in their education since the transition process will be challenging for them. This will be an impediment for the parent to participate in the education process of their children. In addition, due to the differences, the child will cut themselves mentally from the parents. This is because the parents due to the environment will lose their relevance in the learning process. The child will create a perception that the parents are incapable of being of any assistance in this scenario. This will result in the child becoming autonomous in their learning, in that they will do their homework and other learning activities without parental involvement, hence shutting out parents. The child will be embarrassed of their parents’ illiteracy hence they will attempt for any form of guidance education wise. The child may constantly want to reiterate to parents on their lack of education (Rodriguez, p4). According to Rose, Immigrant parents will also not comprehend the procedures and terms used in the education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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