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The question below will be addressed in the succeeding discussions: Is torture ever acceptable? The debate regarding torture being acceptable has become crucial over the years. This paper deals with the argument of torture being done to get useful information. …
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Is torture ever Acceptable
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"Is torture ever Acceptable"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the idea of torturing someone takes one to guess the account of investigative authorities. Torture is mostly done for the purpose of getting useful information which might be involved with a crime. Avid investigation through the aid of torture can lead to help saving lives and property. But at the same time, torturing someone who is not aware of the desired information will be an illegal attempt as it will violate rights of the individual. Proponents of torture being accepted as a legal way claim that torture is the only way to get the information from the criminals. It should be noted that criminals can be very dangerous as they plan brutal attacks on the innocent just for their interest. In such cases, investigative teams have no other options but to torture the suspected so that they can get the information regarding any mishap (Ball and Gready). This will not just save the private property but also save lives of people. If criminals will be aware of the fact that they can be brutally tortured then they are most likely to avoid their wrongdoings. This could be a threat to the criminal gangs who will have clear idea as to being charged for death penalty as a result of information being released by gang members for being tortured. The opponents on the other hand consider torture to be a morally incorrect approach to get the information from the suspects. It has been argument that at times the suspect can be someone who is not aware of the issue....
It should be noted that the proponents of the torture being acceptable have made use of the word intensity in the debate many times. This means that the investigative teams have been using a certain degree of torture to get the information necessary for the execution of the case. Most notably, it has been stated that criminals are not killed for the need of information but they are rather beaten to some intensity (Huggins). This intensity of torture can vary from one case to another. The proponents believe that by such a claim, it becomes easy to understand that torture is a way to threaten a criminal to surrender to the police and help them in defusing any criminal plan which may affect people and property (DesAutels and Walker). Thus, from the above debate it can be said that the use of torture as a tool by the investigative is effective in getting necessary information for any terrorist’s attacks or some other criminal planning that will affect the humans and property. But on the other hand, many people have debated that usage of torture as a tool can be unfair in terms of morals and ethics. It is thus suggested that a certain degree of torture should be done. It is very important to get information from the criminals in case of saving lives of innocent people. It is thus understandable that one life at stake is better than putting many other innocent lives on stakes. It is also suggested that the intensity of the torture is confined to certain degree. The mental threat is considered effective in changing the minds of the criminals. Another most important postulate that needs understanding and attention of the investigative teams is that suspects must not be innocent people. Torturing an innocent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is Torture ever acceptable
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...; Torture.", The Economist (US) 371.8379 (June 12, 2004): 29US.  "Is torture ever justified? Terrorism and civil liberty.,(All democracies eschew torture, but some are ambivalent)." The Economist (US) 384.8547 (Sept 22, 2007): 72US.  Palmer, Alasdair. "Is torture always wrong? Alasdair Palmer says that our absolute ban on all forms of torture is inconsistent with our acceptance of shoot-to-kill." Spectator 299.9242 (Sept 24, 2005): 40(3).  Mackley, J.S. "The torturers art in the Judas episode of Benedeits Voyage of St. Brendan.(Critical essay)." Notes and Queries 54.1 (March 2007): 24(4).  Kucuradi,...
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