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The Liberation Day of Kuwait - Essay Example

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Running head: Liberation Day The Liberation Day of Kuwait Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 06 May 2012 As a majority Sunni Muslim nation, Kuwait celebrates various festivals and holidays based on the Islamic calendar. The similarity of culture and language with fellow Muslims is remarkably alike…
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The Liberation Day of Kuwait
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Download file to see previous pages Iraq, under the command of Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait with the aim of annexing Kuwait and taking over her oilfields. Saddam’s argument was that even before independence from Great Britain in1961; Kuwait should have been Iraqis territory; in addition, he claimed Kuwait did not adhere to agreed oil quota (Khadduri and Ghareeb164). Under the instructions of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait and occupied some areas. The United Nations (UN) called for the withdrawal of these troops, but this failed to take place. UN forces anchored by American forces began an air bombardment on Iraqis capital Baghdad. Later, they followed this up with the ground incursions; this had the effect of forcing the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from neighboring Kuwait. Looting, plundering and damage of Kuwaitis oil infrastructure by the fleeing Iraqi troops took place (Khadduri and Ghareeb 171). This paper looks into the various ways Kuwaitis commemorate this day in 2011. With the above facts in mind, it becomes necessary to look into the activities of the day held in pomp and color by the citizens and government. The celebrations in Kuwait city on the 20th eve of this day in 2011 were visible everywhere one went. In an interview, with a man in his 40’s, he recounts how as a youth, he helped to load and unload food and other supplies for the soldiers with former friends. As the patriarch of the house, he helped decorate the house in red, green, and white; the colors of the Kuwait flag. Equally, the hoisting of flags was visible across the streets in his neighborhood. As a national holiday, most people are at home the youth also experienced these celebrations in the neighborhoods through organized football tournaments. Surprisingly, the Imam of the local mosque also gathered some youths in the mosque. The attendance was satisfactory despite being a Saturday, he recounted and emphasized the importance of the day and led in praying for peace. The idea that a Sunni president would attack a neighboring Sunni state seemed incomprehensible to the youth. Nevertheless, this remains a historical reminder of the atrocities that can be committed by power hungry leaders. Significance placed on the day by even religious clerics highlights this. The media fraternity equally celebrated; Kuwait national television and the national broadcaster carried stories of triumphs over the invasion. Qatar based Al jazerra TV equally featured the celebration of this day as one of its main stories. The social networking sites were abuzz with best wishes for state of Kuwait, remembrance of the martyrs of this day and the Kuwaitis held captives in Iraqi jails. The military parade was an impressive sight. The invitation included various leaders from countries that helped liberate Kuwait. This parade also included the 50th anniversary of the independence of Kuwait from being a British protectorate. Various armies of Arab states including Saudi Arabia also marched. Fighter jets provided a beautiful spectacle of white, green and red smoke symbolizing the national flag. The president of Iraq Jalal Talabani a Kurdish leader was also in attendance, showing there was no animosity between the two neighboring countries. As is customary in celebrations, in Kuwait, ‘Machboos’, (commonly being chicken, fish and beef with rice) serving was carried out in large trays. All family members gathered together at lunch time with coffee mainly served to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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