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Ronald Ernest Paul - Essay Example

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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Essay Final Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul delivered his speech at campaign rally at the City’s Pinnacle Center, which addressed 1600 supporters, who comprised West Michigan inhabitants, small business entrepreneurs, and labor workers…
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Ronald Ernest Paul
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"Ronald Ernest Paul"

Download file to see previous pages He was criticizing the same Congress in which he was part of it. Many critics observed that the critics from Paul were meant for individual benefits especially as campaign tools. He was quoted in his speech saying, “I think Congress is about 20 years behind” (Ron Paul’s Speech). In his speech ,he dwelt on the on the need to critically articulate the issues related to foreign and domestic strategy issues, which he said they negatively impacted on the economy and he said the country was headed to a worst economy crisis. It is ironical that Ron Paul’s criticism was on the same congress, which he is part of. He is one of the unsuccessful members of the congress, yet he appears the top critic. Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul is one of the renowned United States Congressman and emerged to be repeat presidential candidature, having contented for the presidency in 1988, 2008, and 2012. In the year 1988, he was presidential candidate for Libertarian Party in the 12 years break in the years when he was Republican Congressman. In 2008, Ronald Ernest was presidential nominee for Republican Party. He believes on the supremacy of the Constitution and he never proposes a bill to be approved in the Congress, unless it is provided in the constitution. He is presently contesting for presidency under the nomination for Republican Party in the United States (Schoen & Rasmussen 102). ...
8 contestation for presidency under Republican Party, he has been the chief architect behind advocacy movement Campaign for Liberty and his ideas has been evidence in his speeches, journals, and books. He has become a leading critic in the aspect of civil liberties, gay marriage, taxation policies, foreign policies, health care, entitlements, and abortion. Paul has the believe and understanding that liberties in the market , reducing business regulations and lowering taxes will boost the market strategies ,as well as promoting favorable business environment . According to him, these aspects will have positive impacts on the economy of the United States and also increase employment opportunities within the market environment. He is the chief critic on Federal Reserve, arguing that this will present serious implications on the economy of the country. He said in his speech while in Michigan University addressing students that this will lead to the aspect of bust and boom leading to financial crisis both in the United States and in the global platform. The boom and bust within the economy will promote unethical business practices (Schoen & Rasmussen 89). In his speech he said that, “The federal government does a lousy job providing the atmosphere necessary to be competitive and be able to compete around the world because they overtax and they over regulate“. In his entire speech in Michigan, he put more emphasizes on the element of abolishing the Federal Reserve ,an economic entity that he argued that is guilty of collapsing the U.S dollar value and obstructing ,not assisting ,the U.S economy. He said in his speech that the labor policies should be revisited by the Congress where he advocated for a countrywide Right to work policy (Schoen & Rasmussen 123). . He said ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ronald Ernest Paul Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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