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Specific Actions Should Christains Take in Regards to the Environment and Its Preservation - Essay Example

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Specific Actions of Christians In Regard To Environment and Its Preservation Professor Institution Date Abstract Environmental degradation and depletion are not new phenomena to any learned or reasonable individual. What is astonishing is that human beings who were mandated by God to protect, manage and preserve the environment are the ones who again destroy the environment to their own loss and peril…
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Specific Actions Should Christains Take in Regards to the Environment and Its Preservation
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"Specific Actions Should Christains Take in Regards to the Environment and Its Preservation"

Download file to see previous pages Specific Actions of Christians In Regard To Environment and Its Preservation Environment has faced serious moments of degradation and depletion across all corners of the world. The beginning environmental depletion and degradation could date back to the early industrialization periods that emerged in Europe and, which spread to other countries of the world. Environmental degradation have involved emission of poisonous smokes, clearing of forests for cultivation and settlement, uncontrolled use of hazardous chemicals, poor methods of solid waste disposal and overexploitation of natural resources. Furthermore, environmental degradation have encompassed and not limited to water pollution, uncontrolled noise, poaching of game animals and overfishing among others. All the mentioned human activities have led to significant change of environmental conditions with the most felt effect being global warming that threatens to devastate the world if prompt and serious actions are not taken. All the causes and elements of environmental degradation can be rightfully attributed to the failure of human beings to perform and meet the responsibilities given to them by God the Creator. ...
This achievement will only become possible when Christians in collectiveness agree to stop depletion of forests that reflects and defines the actual nature. Forests are in fact the habitats of many animals and sources of rivers that supply fresh water for human and animal consumption. Belopopsky (2012) sufficiently recommends that, “human beings should sacrifice part of their wants to meet the standards of preserving nature as demanded by God”. In a nutshell, Belopopsky (2012) argues that human activities and desire for prosperity has led to uncontrolled rates of environmental degradation and it is high time Christians should adhere to the Bible and accept foregoing certain basic needs for the sake of preserving the natural environment. Christians should make sacrifices and set small parcels of land for their settlement and cultivation and leave a proportionately large part of land for inhabitation by forests and wild animals. Sacrificing wants as recommended by Belopopsky (2012) also means that Christians should forego certain economic needs that would lead them into destroying the natural forests for economic gains. Dennison with reference to the book of Proverbs 12:10 recall that, “Bible commands respect for animals in their own sphere”. Christians therefore should work hard and in conformity to the Biblical ordinances to ensure protection and maximum respect of wild animals that are in the verge of extinction. In achieving the mission, Christians have to contribute and solicit for funds for establishing game parks and animal reserves to safe keeping of the endangered species from the target of the poachers. Christians should also set in place strict laws and rules that recommend for severe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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