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Sharing and Nurturing Ideas through Liquid Networks - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Class 12 April 2012 Sharing and Nurturing Ideas through Liquid Networks What are the environments and practices that lead to extraordinarily high levels of innovation? Walker, Avellaneda, and Berry define innovation as “a process through which new ideas, objects and practices are created, developed or reinvented, and which are new for the unit of adoption” (96)…
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Sharing and Nurturing Ideas through Liquid Networks
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Download file to see previous pages Blakley agrees with Johnson in her talk, “Lessons from Fashion's Free Culture.” She says that the fashion industry promotes creativity, because it legalizes copying from one another. In “Exploring the Diffusion of Innovation among High and Low Innovative Localities,” Walker, Avellaneda, and Berry explore the diffusion of innovation among high and low innovative localities. They learn that competition and learning are some of the factors that can promote and reinforce innovation processes. King and Anderson review several cases and studies in their book, Managing Innovation and Change: A Critical Guide for Organizations, and they discover that many innovation processes do not follow a linear nature of ideation. This essay examines how innovative ideas are formed. It is an important topic because with numerous social, economic, and political issues and problems plaguing communities and societies, innovation is a critical component in resolving them. Innovation can help provide different options, and even, radical new ways of analyzing and resolving social problems and concerns. This essay reviews literature from Johnson, Blakley, King and Anderson, and Walker et al. These authors, Johnson, Blakley, King and Anderson, and Walker et al., agree that innovation takes time and teamwork. ...
Blakley’s idea, where organizations that promote producing, nurturing, and sharing of ideas through liquid networks are the “hotbeds” of innovation. Spaces and organizations that promote the production of different ideas instigate innovation through promoting the free flow and exchange of ideas. Johnson observes that the sources of innovations are places that generate “liquid networks.” Johnson defines “liquid networks” as spaces, where people from numerous backgrounds and who have different values, practices, values, and interests, collaborate and share their ideas. He notes that it is a liquid network, because of the easy flow of ideas and it is a network, because people come together to share these ideas. He stresses that these liquid networks are places where ideas intersect, mix with each other, or help people generate something new from parts of the old. Johnson states that one classic example of liquid networks are coffeehouses of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. During the Enlightenment, Johnson narrates that instead of coffee, alcohol was served in these coffeehouses. He notes that these people drank alcohol from morning until evening, by sipping beer or wine every now and then, since water was not very safe to drink then. With these stimulants, he notes that “better ideas” are formed. In addition, Johnson stresses that the “architecture of coffeehouses” made it easy for ideas to “have sex.” In these coffeehouses, people from different fields had their ideas openly shared, made, altered, and combined with other ideas. These are places where innovation thrived, because of the setting that allowed the free sharing of ideas possible. If Johnson is looking for a liquid network culture, he can also find it in the fashion industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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