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How Important is a Family Structure for a Developing Male and Female - Essay Example

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Customer’s Name: 1 April 2012 How important is a family structure for a developing male and female? What affects most on the life of a developing individual? As it is seen, the environment has maximum impact on a person’s behavior, nature, thoughts and approaches…
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How Important is a Family Structure for a Developing Male and Female
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Download file to see previous pages Starting from the accent of the language and ranging to the dressing, the get up, the behavior, the conduct, the perceptions, interests, thinking and almost everything depends upon the environment in which he/she lives in. Effects of environment on a developing male and female: As the environment has the maximum impact on a person, therefore, it affects the developing or the growing children, i.e. the teenagers in the most effective manner. Hence, it proves that it is the that environment plays a vital role in determining what kind of a man or woman a developing male or female is going to be for the rest of his/her life. The kinds of atmospheres provided to a growing individual may vary from a family environment to an independent environment, i.e. without any family. Family life is indubitably completely different from the life spent by people alone in hostels, boarding school or orphanages. Therefore, the impacts of these environments entirely differ from one another. Influences of family: In my point of view, family structure is quite important for a developing male or female; though even the family structure may not be the same for all. For example, one may have a complete and happy family with both the parents and siblings living together, exhibiting love, care, affection and a perfect compatibility amongst each other. On the other hand, one may be deprived of one parent due to uncontrollable circumstances such as death of a parent or separation of both. Another circumstance may be that one may not be lucky enough to have both of the parents because of their death and might be living with the elder independent siblings or any other relative such as uncle or aunt. All of the above situations play a different role in developing a teenager’s mind to grow up into an adult. For a person who does not possess a family and is living in an orphanage, might face a lot of difficulties in life. He/she may not have anyone to take enough care and may not have a proper guidance. Therefore, he/she will learn from own mistakes and experiences. At times, such people may definitely face a lot of problems, as there are a lot of ups and downs in the growing age. Life without a family: Despite of the fluctuating life of the teenagers, some of those who are deprived of their families and a proper family structure, are yet lucky enough to have good friends or good guardians or caretakers who direct them quite well and help them to manage their problems and maintain their ways on the correct path and enlighten their future. But, the remaining unlucky ones are usually not able to differentiate between the good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure; and unintentionally spoil themselves, their lives and their future. Say for example, a growing individual might be depressed of the fact that he does not have parents to provide him good to eat and wear. This depression may cause him to become a drug or alcohol addict, so as to forget all the sorrows. Once he becomes an addict, he might adopt wrong ways of earning, such as theft etc in order to regularly buy drugs and alcohol. Eventually, he will end up being a criminal and ruin his future. Another example is teen prostitution that is again usually due to the frustration and urge to have money by hook or by crook. Therefore, the life of a developing male and female is no less than Hell if he/she is not blessed with a family structure. The above cases are not only applicable in the lives of those who do not have families, but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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