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Female Entrepreneurship In Comparison with Male Entrepreneurship - Coursework Example

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The author concludes that women do not have to sacrifice a lot in order to launch a company in order to get recognized in their professional field. They need to only have a lot of self-confidence among themselves so as to participate in debate and gatherings with their superiors and colleagues…
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Female Entrepreneurship In Comparison with Male Entrepreneurship
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Extract of sample "Female Entrepreneurship In Comparison with Male Entrepreneurship"

Download file to see previous pages Various researches on entrepreneurship relate to male distinctiveness and focused mainly on the male-dominant area. Few studies considered the female individuality of entrepreneurship with their related actions.
Women always had to put some extra effort in order to succeed in putting up a business and then maintaining it in a male-dominated working environment. Therefore, women had to gain extra assets through other connections and networking. Mainly women who belong to subordinate classes need major support from their families and friends and the tie-ups they make in between through negotiations, in order to set up and maintain a business. Whereas, women from high-class families or from middle-class families, could independently initiate their business through contacts with their colleagues or with the members of the chamber and association. Moreover, there can be a personal ambition or drive to set up a business of its own or else some other external reasons like the fight to survive, where women believe on their social contacts and networks and utilize it completely to shape up their business entity.
Studies have highlighted that the presentation of new projects led by females lags behind to that led by males. For ventures led by females, factors like sales growth, employment growth, compensation and venture endurance are all considered to be low. (Boden, 2000; Office of Advocacy, 2006; Robb and Wolken 2002; Srinivasan, et al., 1993). The firms owned by women have inferior sales margin and hence could occupy lesser people in their business than that of men-owned enterprises (Fischer et al., 1993). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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