Analyzing the Gender Roles Presented in TV Serials - Essay Example

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Customer’s Name: Course: 19 March 2012 Friends is an incredibly popular TV show, it is watched by millions all across the globe. It is one of a kind of Sitcom which is well appreciated and followed by countless people. The show has had a very successful run, it is presently in its tenth season, this goes to show how popular the show has been thus far…
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Analyzing the Gender Roles Presented in TV Serials
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"Analyzing the Gender Roles Presented in TV Serials"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will juxtapose three very popular TV analyzing the gender roles presented in them. “Everybody love Raymond is another very popular TV show which has been very well liked and followed.” (Everybody loves lazy stereotyping of male roles)The concept of Gender roles must be noticed in this serial, Debra the wife of Raymond is always in the kitchen making food either for her husband or for her family, this goes to show that women are always in the kitchen spending their time cooking for their families. Marxist feminism also comes into play here, Karl Marx argues that women must be paid for domestic labor, this is what Marxist feminism is all about. Another very important thing which must be noticed in this show is that Debra is the one who always packs the lunch of her children; Raymond never bothers to do this. It goes to show how irresponsible at times men are towards their families. “The gender roles presented in these serials are presented very rightly after doing comprehensive research.” (Gender and Media Representation) Gilman called herself a humanist, she was deadly against exploitation of women, our society is still following the patriarchal ways and exploiting the women. She was not very comfortable accepting the theory of evolution laid down by Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution portrays man in the driving seat and gives less importance to women. Both the sexes are equally important and no favoritism of any sort can be done. She argued that women had to rely excessively on their sexual assets, they had to please their husband to ensure their survival, this is very true and beyond the pale. Grounded for life is another very popular TV show which is well liked by the audience. In one episode the husband decides to buy a car without even bothering to ask his wife, marriage is an institution and it is the right of the wife to be well informed about all the decisions made by her husband. This again reflects the reality; there are countless husbands who do not bother asking their better halves before making an important decision. Dad goes to work and Mom takes care of the household chores, it is unacceptable if a man packs lunch for his children, it is unacceptable if a man does the dishes. It is incorrect if a man asks his wife before making a big decision, buying a car is quite a big decision and a wife must know of this big decision before hand. Perkins Gilman was a very famous American sociologist who wanted to bring about change in the society, it is our duty to share the workload with women, and it is not a man’s world anymore. Women must be given respect and their workload must be shared. It is very important to understand the responsibilities of living in a family, gender stenotypes must be abolished and we must awake to a new and a better world. Conclusion To conclude it is very fair to say that women must be respected and we must shed our stereotypical thinking for the best. This is the need of the hour and we must put an end to this forever. Once this ends we would stop seeing stereotypes in TV shows and even the TV shows would become much better than ever, it will benefit each and every one of us. The three shows that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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