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The Film War Horse - Essay Example

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Film “War Horse” War horse, a film based on a poor Marriot family, which although being poor was a very proud family as they possessed Joey and an aggrandized landscape. The entire film is brilliantly staged and it’s even remarkable when Joey with his brother Albert convert a useless piece of dry land into a fertile field…
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The Film War Horse Essay
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"The Film War Horse"

Download file to see previous pages There are two eminent scenes of cavalry march, one at the Salisbury Plain and the other at the Western Front. The latter turns not a good gesture for Joey, as he falls into the German enemies’ hands where he’s left with no militia tasks. There he’s used to pull German ambulance cats, bring artillery to the barracks and is surrounded by two German solders that keep an eye on him. This attitude was new to be observed as most war movies never portray the life of prisoners of war. These watchers also include an old Frenchmen with his little granddaughter. These episodes have heart-touching moments. There are a number of well-depicted battle scenes, including a suicide attempt at the cavalry march and the great battle of “Somme”. But in each of these scenes the horse and the human relation is prominent. This relation starts at the very beginning of the movie, when an irresponsible and a poor farmer purchase a horse at the auction which was too expensive for him to carry. His son loved it and named it Joey. His son Irvine set up his mind to train his horse so that they can easily travel in that barren land. During the training and because of the love Irvin gave Joey, a deep essence of relationship developed between the two. This horse became there only weapon to tackle the difficult conditions when the war of 1914 broke out. In the upcoming days, Joey faced a number of hardships. Each one that saw it adored it’s beauty and spirit for work and involvement with human mind. To facilitate the spectator the film ”war horse” is divided into sections, each image showing up different actions and acts and never allowing the audience to draw away their eyes from the movie. The scenes of war travel through slow-motion mud. The horse “Joey” companies us throughout the story while his masters and stories twists in every part of it. If we talk about the individual character of Joey, he was not neither compelling nor capable enough to carry the whole story on his own, rather he’s the side stuff of this masters that carry him throughout the story. 2, what scene in the film "moved" you the most emotionally and stimulated intellectual thought? Why? The rural life as depicted in the film based on a poor family of Albert and his wife, who are struggling to bring up a farm to earn their livelihood, shows the responsible yet yoke life of the region. The starting scenes showing the bonding of Joey (horse) and his first master Albert are quite a bit awkward to me, but most spectators appreciate the glimpse of troubled gooses. The scenes of farm life are dragged a bit more than necessary until the sharp turn Alberto’s father take after he sells his horse to the cavalry officer.   Now Joey is in the hands of a French young girl who also adored him of its beauty. But the German solder forces him to drag more and more artillery, before a before a dramatic film tic sight of its dash through the channels before getting knotted in snide cable in the war field.   The battle scenes depicted by Spielberg are a state of the art marvel of sight and sound. It shakes the entire cinema with the sounds and thunders of bullets and cannons. He’s not afraid to show you the inside of the battlefield that may blow your head and heart. The blood shedding and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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