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Maurya's Understanding of the Relationship between God, Humans and Nature - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Maurya’s understanding of the relationship between God, humans and nature Historically, religion has been an integral part in the lives of many cultures around the globe. The various regions of the world have depicted different religious beliefs and practices in line with their cultural practices…
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Mauryas Understanding of the Relationship between God, Humans and Nature
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Extract of sample "Maurya's Understanding of the Relationship between God, Humans and Nature"

Download file to see previous pages It brings out a clear faith of human beings on their religion and God on the various aspects of nature and Gods plans and outcomes that they cannot control. We can identify this faith in religion and fear of nature when Maurya makes a remark of desperation saying, “God spare us, and we'll not see him again. He has gone now, and when the black night is falling I'll have no son left me in the world” (Synge, 2008). It further demonstrates the interdependence of humans on their religion and nature for survival even though the various fates that may befall them. They depend upon the sea for food for survival and of Gods control and protection against the various risk fatalities that face them. God’s role in Maurya’s life In the play, Maurya depicts continual faith in God to be her protector. This is to protect both her and men in her family. She believes in the overall power and control of God over all people and nature. She acknowledges the fact that all humans and nature are God’s creations and that they are different entities functioning independently and affecting each other. Additionally, she believes that a human can affect the functioning and state of nature and vice versa. As such, people live in dread of the harsh possibilities that the sea holds against them that they can neither control nor predict. They, therefore, opt for God's protection and put faith in their religions to help them cope with such fears. Even after losing all the other men in her family to the sea with the same faith, Maurya still believes in prayer. This shows the need for religion and faith in dealing with what one cannot control that instills fear. Maurya holds her faith for fear of her remaining son’s life until the time when he too escaped from her by nature, and she makes peace with God, her faith and fear of the unknown fatalities of nature. This is evident in the remark that “They are all dead now there is nothing else greater the sea can do to me” (Synge, 2008). Nature’s role in Maurya’s life It is ironical that Maurya fears the same sea that she mainly depends on for daily food. Her life is full of constant fear for the lives of the men in her family against the sea that feeds them (Synge, 2008). Though she acknowledges the fact that the sea and the winds are what provide them with food and transport, she lives in the constant risks they pose to her family. Over the years, she has lost many men to the sea, but their dependency on the same sea for life leads them to accept such risks and their fates to the sea to ensure they are able to maintain life. She finds herself to be helpless to the fatalities of the sea to her family as one by one escape from her. As a result, they accept the deaths of those taken by the sea and continue on with their fishing activities with faith in their religion for protection against facing the same fates. Maurya’s acceptance of god and natures roles of death in her life is evident in Mauryas response to Bartley when she says, “…and I, an old woman looking for the grave?” (Synge, 2008). This shows her acceptance of death. Towards the end of the play, Maurya accepts the sad fact that all humans must die at one time or another through various means. She accepts that her lost family is now together in accordance to her religious faith and further prays for the protection of the still living ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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