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Slavery: Inhumanity in Humanity - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Class 10 December 2011 Slavery: Inhumanity in Humanity The Atlantic slavery is one of the most inhumane pages of human history, where white slave traders took many Africans from their native lands, either by force or persuasion, and sold them as slaves all over the world…
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Slavery: Inhumanity in Humanity
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Slavery: Inhumanity in Humanity

Download file to see previous pages... The accounts of slavery of Gronniosaw and the black slave are the same, because they share several literary images, they experience being viewed and treated like animals by their slave traders and other people in society, and they have the same thesis on the inhumanity of slavery, but their narratives have differences in identity, tone, and relationships. Candide and A Narrative employ the images of the ship and the tree to depict their hardships and survival. The ship stands for the characters' arduous journey. Gronniosaw has worked in several ships, where he experiences how evil people can be. For instance, in one of the ships where he worked for, one of the sailors frequently hurt him, and took a book that he cherished, which he later threw to the ocean. Gronniosaw also undergoes moral hardships, because he had a cruel Captain one time, who not only steals from people, but also kills them. Instead of being sorry for himself as a slave, he feels deep empathy for other people: “This circumstance affected me exceedingly...” (Gronniosaw 22). Slaves in Candide are also brought to their new “owners” through ships. Ships symbolise their journey away from humanity. Gronniosaw, however, can also view the ship as his journey toward God. Though the ship stands for his trip to slavery, he also thanks it for paving the way for his faith. The ship also symbolises his redemption from being a pagan to being a devout Christian. Another literary image is the tree. These two stories also use trees as recurring images and they represent life and hope. Gronniosaw has two instances where trees are sanctuaries of life. As a pagan, palm trees are economic commodities: “...the beauty and usefulness of them are not to be described; they supply the inhabitants of the country with meat, drink and clothes” (Gronniosaw 2). This tree, however, holds no holy significance for Gronniosaw. As a slave, one tree holds special importance to him. He has found a large oak tree, where he prays his complaints to God. Under the same tree, he receives divine inspiration, where “light inexpressible dart down from heaven upon [hi], and shone around [him] for the space of a minute” (Gronniosaw 18). This incident can be described as receiving God's grace, where Gronniosaw feels redeemed from his sins and spiritual ignorance. Candide also refers to a tree, which gives him hope. He is not a slave, but at least, he is a slave to his hardships. Candide also attains hope and motivation under a tree. This essay will examine the stories' treatment of slavery. Gronniosaw and the black slave both experience being treated as animals, because they are slaves. One of the merchant companions of Gronniosaw want to kill him and throw him to a pit, because he is a burden to them. This man does not even see this act as an inhumane deed, because he does think that Gronniosaw is a human being. The black slave has the most physically grueling experience. Candide finds him with “ no left leg and no right hand” (Voltaire). The black slave says that his right hand has been cut, because it is customary in the sugar mills that when one finger is cut, the whole hand is removed. He adds that his left leg is severed, because he tried to escape his master. He also underlines the brutish treatment he receives from other people: “Dogs, monkeys and parrots are a thousand times less ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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