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Animals as Friends, not Scientific Experiments - Essay Example

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Name Name of Professor Animals are Friends, not Scientific Experiments Introduction Sooner or later, animal use in scientific research will end. Animal experimentation is inhumane, hence it should be stopped. It may come to an end due to changing ethical and political perspective…
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Animals as Friends, not Scientific Experiments
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"Animals as Friends, not Scientific Experiments"

Download file to see previous pages As argued by philosopher David DeGrazia (1996), “The path to the ethical treatment of animals runs through their minds” (p. 76). His argument stress the value of taking into consideration animals’ mental being, such as their self-consciousness, intelligence, recognition, and ability to feel pleasure and pain, in evaluating the ethical implications of animal experimentation. If the wellbeing of animals rests in his/her emotions, and if such emotions are the mechanism of the mind, then all genuine moral debate over animal welfare should one way or another consider what is in the minds of these animals. DeGrazia (1996) argues, “What sorts of mental capacities we attribute to animals have a great deal to do with how we think they should be treated” (p.1). The argument of DeGrazia is compelling because it poses crucial and interconnected issues. First, is there truly a difference between the physical and the mental in animal welfare? Are hunger and pain, which are primary concerns of animal welfare, truly associated with the minds of animals? Or are these welfare concerns physical, or a union of the mental and the physical? This paper begins with Albert Schweitzer’s perspective of animal welfare that does not depend on evaluating the mental capabilities of animals, to identify his contribution to the resolution of certain cases of animal experimentation. Albert Schweitzer suggested respect for life as a guideline for interacting with and relating to our environment. According to Schweitzer, an ethical man “does not ask how far this or that life deserves sympathy as valuable in itself, nor how far it is capable of feeling. To him life as such is sacred. He shatters no ice crystals that sparkles in the sun, tears no leaf from its tress, breaks off no flower, and is careful not to crush any insect as he walks” (Carbone 2004, 48). This statement is inspiring, but does it contribute to the resolution of the issue on how and when to research or test on animals? Could the ‘ethical man’ ethically inflict pain on animals for scientific research? Evidently, Schweitzer says yes to the latter question because he is not a critic of animal experimentation. He argues (Carbone 2004, 48): Those who experiment upon animals by surgery and drugs, or inoculate them with diseases in order to be able to help mankind by the results obtained, should never quiet their consciences with the conviction that their cruel action may in general have a worthy purpose. In every single instance they must consider whether it is really necessary to demand of an animal this sacrifice for men. And they must take anxious care that the pain be mitigated as much as possible. He proposed that life should be respected and valued, irrespective of its position on any human hierarchy. However, he acknowledged the special need to draw a line between when to save a life and give up another, but gave practically no instruction for these decisions. By placing his entire focus on the ethical man’s attributes instead on those to whom this ‘ethical man’ should pay moral attention to Schweitzer contributes insignificantly to the cases of animal welfare. Science and technology have their limitations and cannot resolve the ethical issues entrenched in nearly all animal welfare discussions. For example, not every suffering or pain can be presently cured with medicines. What degree of pain requires stopping a scientific resear ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animals are Friends, not Scientific Experiments
Admittedly, animal research has helped contribute to the lives of many people around the world. However, we cannot turn a blind eye on the inhuman treatment which animals receive in the name of medical treatment (Langley 2010). Animals are meant to be our friends and our companions.
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Other opinions show that the consequences of using animals to carry out science experiments will turn to affect human beings after a long time. Other opponents of the use of animals in science experiments base their arguments on matters of religion. The views of different scholars from different fields are all concerned about the way in which the experiments can harm the state of nature of the animals because the experiments have bad impacts on many species that scientists use in their testing.
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This essay discusses the rights of animals in the modern times. Sadly enough even in the twenty first century, we as humans are not averse to the idea of using live animals for medical research, genetic experimentation, and hunting. As if making concrete jungles upon their natural habitats was not enough we have locked them in zoo's ,made them extinct for their furs and teeth and exploited them for food.The issues regarding animal rights are just one aspect of respect for all the living organisms of Mother Earth.
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He is also known as the Father of vivisection (http://campus.udayton.eduhuume/Galen/galen/htm). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Vivisection as "the cutting of, or operation on a living animal; also animal experimentation especially if causing distress to the subject (Merriam-Webster, pg.587)." He performed dissections and vivisection procedures on apes, goats, dogs, pigs and many other animals.
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