Nation and Race from Mein Kampf - Essay Example

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Adolf Hitler devoted a full chapter on the topic of nation and race in his book 'Mein Kampf' as he gave too much importance to the purity of race. He opined that mating of a superior race with an inferior one will spoil the superior one as offspring will never reach to the strengths of superior race. …
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Nation and Race from Mein Kampf
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"Nation and Race from Mein Kampf"

Download file to see previous pages This way the race will get degraded. He believed that nature is against it and higher development of organic living beings would never be possible if this is allowed. He strongly believed that all species are inherently different in owning the different characteristics such as strength, intelligence, endurance etc. and that is how they are made by nature. Cat will never be friendly with mice and similarly fox will not show any humanitarian behavior toward geese. Nature does not promote inferior species by rule and it allows weaker to succumb. Nature's evolutionary process works to promote towards stronger and stronger species by eliminating the weaker ones. North America shows a different culture from Central and South America because they did not mix with lower colored people thus, remaining racially pure and that is how they became master of the continent. He argues that racial breeding will not only lower down the level of higher race but will also cause the intellectual and physical degradation.; any act to promote this will tantamount to an act against the will of creator of this universe. Anyone doing this means that he or she is acting against the will of nature and that eventually will lead them to doom. He opines that all great cultures of the past did not survive because this purity of race was not maintained. The cultures are preserved by men and those men need to be preserved who created it. Thus, the stronger and the best only should come out victorious in this process. Only those who have courage to fight have right for living in this world. These are the innate laws of nature and men can never overcome the nature and her laws. Whenever anybody does so they are likely to meet with misery, and misfortune. Those who disregard the racial laws will lose happiness. According to him, all human progress will depend upon the marching of the best race ahead. He strongly believed that all the art, sciences, and human cultures were a contribution of the Aryan race. Aryan was the most superior race that ever lived on this earth; if they are taken out there will be total darkness on this earth and all development will go away. Hitler does not consider all races equal. He categorically differentiates among them in various characteristics such as intellect, strength, power, endurance. He strongly believes that all development has been done by superior race (the Aryan race) throughout the ages. Any cross breeding between superior and inferior will create only weaker offspring. Purity in breeding is essential to have more superior, stronger and powerful offspring. These are laws of nature and any attempt to sabotage them will bring despair and gloom for all. All development will go to backyard. A more simple way of telling Hitler’s philosophy is that all men are not equal and there is no need to create equality amongst them. Nature has made them like that and they need to fight to survive and that is all nature’s way of doing. Letter from Birmingham Jail In 1963, Martin Luther king, Jr. wrote to the Clergymen from jail addressing the woes of racial discrimination that were being met to the people in the Birmingham. Birmingham is known for its records of brutality in the past. Negroes were treated most unjustly in the courts and whenever they tried to seek justice from the city fathers they never gave any heed to their woes. Birmingham stores displayed racial signs and in spite of the promises they were not removed. In his letter, he speaks about the racial discrimination that Negro Children have to face embarrassment that they cannot visit the public amusement parks just like their white friends. That creates unhealthy bitterness in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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