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English 2 Lesson 6 and 7 Assignments - Essay Example

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Name of the Writer Name of the Instructor Subject Date Submitted English 2 Lesson 6 & 7 Assignments Lesson 6 Exam 1. Gene and Finny are drawn to each other and share some character traits, but they are also very different. List the name of the character then list the characteristics that are unique to Gene or Finny beside their name…
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English 2 Lesson 6 and 7 Assignments
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"English 2 Lesson 6 and 7 Assignments"

Download file to see previous pages Both: Talented, Athletic, Adventurous, Fun Loving. 2. At different times in A Separate Peace the weather seems to signal a change in the atmosphere of the action. Make a list of three specific weather descriptions from the novel. (You can use page references along with your description if appropriate.) Then, list the corresponding action in the plot. Weather Description: (Pg. 72) "In the air there was only an edge of coolness to imply the coming winter. Plot Developments: Things have changed at Devon, but it's as if Gene and Finny are in a holding pattern. The ease of the summer session is gone, but the horrible events that follow in the winter are still a far way off. Weather Description: (Pg. 12) ” A little fog hung over the river so that as I neared it I felt myself becoming isolated from everything except the river and the few trees beside it. The wind was blowing more steadily here, and I was beginning to feel cold.” Plot Developments: Gene describes the weather when he returns to Devon in search of the tree that was the basis of the jump initiation rite of the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session that they had formed back in 1942. Weather Description: One bleak winter Saturday, Finny proposes the boys hold “The Devon Winter Carnival.” (Chapter 8). ...
What does it symbolize when Finny opens the carnival by burning a copy of The Iliad? Why is it ironic that the Carnival ends with the arrival of Leper's telegram announcing his escape? Use at least two specific details from the novel to support your ideas. Now that Finny has a setback with his broken leg, he wants to train Gene into becoming an athlete and achieving the goals he had set for himself. Always jealous of Finny, Gene is now at peace with himself for taking over this role and considers that he has achieved something. They have decided to celebrate the onset of winter by holding a carnival but the arrival of Leper’s telegram stating that he had escaped the war is disheartening because it seems that none of them are ready to face the realities of life in the real world. Finny’s burning of the Iliad which they had read all summer signifies that the summer has indeed ended and they must prepare for a change in weather (Knowles, Chapter 8). 4. High school students are still reading A Separate Peace more than forty years after its publication. Compose an essay describing what you think the book's enduring relevance is. What do the characters and the conflict say to people today? Do you imagine the book will retain its relevance in the future? Use at least two specific examples from the book to support your ideas. To me the enduring significance of the novel is that it is a coming of age story that is endearing and wonderfully told. It will especially appeal to the male psyche because it shows exactly how boys in a boarding school would behave at that age. The sense of aloofness and loneliness that characterizes their lives at this point could well have been the feelings of a major part of society in those war driven times. Humanity does not like distress ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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English 2 Lesson 6 and 7 Assignments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“English 2 Lesson 6 and 7 Assignments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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