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It is necessary to stress that Susan Griffin is not just a perfect writer in her Our Secret. She also manages to conduct a thorough research in the process of writing this book. There is no other text that may combine both events from life and scientific terminology so successfully. …
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Susan Griffin and her Our Secret
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"Susan Griffin and her Our Secret"

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In the process of writing Our Secret Susan Griffin mixes two different styles. Thus, she resorts to the use of academic and personal writing. All her personal writing is combined with the insertions of scientific information. In fact, the beginning of Our Secret puzzles the readers with unexpected data about the nucleus of the cell: “The nucleus of the cell derives its name from the Latin nux, meaning nut. Like the stone in a cherry, it is found in the center of the cell, and like this stone, keeps its precious kernel in a shell” (Griffin 335). This information in the beginning of the writing seems to have no sense at first sight; it seems to have no connection with secrets. However, it is not so. The author just uses this phrase to start her research. She does not refer to the writers who give only perfunctory information. Susan Griffin is eager to find out the root of all secrets in her story. That is why she needs to conduct a research and think over the things that have never been considered by other authors.
Sometimes it may seem that Susan Griffin uses scientific information in order to compare it to the fates of her characters. That is why she assembles fragments juxtaposes seemingly unrelated material in surprising and suggestive relationships. Each page of Our Secret is broken into italicized inter-sections. In fact, Susan griffin’s prose is applied in order to create a ‘field’ for the bodies set in it. This author seems to create the story under consideration in order to investigate the issues that have interested her. Thus, Griffin’s writing is something like the result of hard intellectual work. It is impossible to conduct a research without the use of certain research methods. What research methods were applied by Susan Griffin, then? Of course, it is observation, comparison and data analysis. In the process of writing the author watches the fates of several characters of Our Secret. They are the following ones: Heinrich, Leo and Laura. All these three characters are unhappy. After observation the author makes an attempt to find out the reason for their misfortune. That is why she looks for facts that may help her by means of science. Sometimes the readers may come across rather odd comparisons. For instance, Griffin tries to find connections between humans to rockets and nucleus cells. The analysis of the data received by Susan Griffin gives her an opportunity to draw certain conclusions; she gets the findings of her thorough research. It turns out that human fate is closely connected with the seed sowed into it. One’s feature is frequently defined by his/her childhood. It is necessary to stress that the characters introduced to the reader had unhappy childhood that influenced their life greatly. Leo and Heinrich’s upbringing are the brightest examples to support this argument. Thus, it is known that Heinrich was deprived of his own childhood too early. This boy became an adult when he was only ten. Then period of childish joy was substituted by responsibility and seriousness. He could not enjoy his youth and carelessness just like all other boys did. The only thing he should have done was to obey his father and snitch on all his classmates. This was a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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