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Writing English - Essay Example

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The use of direct quotation in the mini arguments as a source of information gives the essays high credibility that will convince the reader that the argument is not only a personal opinion of the writer alone, but also rather a fact that is shared widely by many people. …
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Writing English Essay
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"Writing English"

Download file to see previous pages This helps in further persuading and convincing the reader to side with what the writer of the argument is arguing for. Moreover, even the use of questions within the argument engages the readers mind and to some extent persuades his opinion towards that of the writer. Examples of the use of questions marks within the mini arguments are; mini-argument #2, which has begun its argument with the question “Why do certain people think lying is ok?” and also used “So what is the whole point behind lying?”. Susie, in her mini-argument #4 on the other hand uses, “Want to know why people love playing the lottery?” and. “This candid reality of things necessitates some questions to be asked, is it in actuality that hard to be successful? How does one end up in the road to success?” Mini argument #1 made use of “What else is the government keeping from us?” and “I have the right to choose whether I want to read a paper, if it does not bother you to read a newspaper and can afford it go for it by all means. The use of such question marks within the argument forces the reader to get involved and absorbed into the argument and to have his or her own opinion before delving deeper into the writer’s opinions. ...
Moreover, the arguments have gone ahead and listed these internet sources as references so as to give the source credit for providing the information. Mini argument #4 has exclusively made use of books as source materials, additionally,it has even gone ahead and used a line from John Lenons song, ‘imagine’ this depicts creativity and the use of a song appeals to a wider audience. PART ONE: Demonstrate Effective Word Choice All the four mini arguments have carefully chosen their language of use as well as the structure of the essay in terms of paragraphs. The careful selection of particular word choice helps mainly for effect and to connect the reader with the writer. Most of the mini arguments have used simple language, which is easily understandable, as well as a language, which is conversational, it can be referred to as somehow colloquial. The use of such words helps also in passing the argument to the writer. For example, Susie in mini argument #4 writes, “Anyone can be a success, any Tom, Dick and Harry has the potential to become prosperous and successful.” and “Some people have it on a silver platter and some have it rough” On the other hand, mini argument #2 uses the statement, “Let’s just all be honest with one another.  It makes life so much easier!” This careful choice of words, especially conversational words is effective in passing the message across more effectively. PART ONE: Assemble Materials from a Variety of Sources The mini arguments have made use of a variety of sources, internet pages, books, popular music and popular quotes. Mini argument # one, two and three made use of internet sources, while argument # four used of books. PART TWO OF SHORT-FOLIO Combination Of Mini Arguments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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