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Intuition - Essay Example

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Professor Name English 30 October 2011 Intuition It is necessary to stress that every person has intuition. This feeling frequently helps people to make various decisions when they lack knowledge in some particular situation. Sometimes the use of this important feeling that all of us possess remind the process of answering a multiple choice test questions…
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Extract of sample "Intuition"

Download file to see previous pages It is much easier to apply intuition if you know already some peculiarities of a person or situation you should deal with. For instance, you may have to tell something unpleasant to your younger sister or brother, but this are the news that may affect him/her negatively. What to do in this case? As a rule, you think over the best moment that will be the most suitable for sharing the information you need. You may select a quite place to do that. How can you know that this very time and place will be the best ones in this situation? No doubts, it is your intuition that helps you to make the right decision. However, it is necessary to remember that your brother or sister may have another intuition, as in Dan Ariely’s examples about nurses. That is why you should learn more about his/her intuition in order not to make a mistake. It should be noted that the situation about bandages experienced by Dan Ariely explains a lot of things concerning intuition and its importance. It turns out that it is necessary to test and practice intuition. Moreover, if one’s profession is closely connected with communication, one should take into account other people’ intuitions as well. This will help to understand their feelings and improve the process of working with people. It is known that Dan Ariely has very poor attitude towards the nurses from the hospital he was treated at. If they just tried to understand his feelings and use his intuition, the process of recovery would not last so long and there would be only positive feedbacks from Dan Ariely. Unfortunately, people working with people seldom resort to the use of their intuition. In the majority of cases they just do not have enough time for that. For example, those nurses were expected to spend only an hour to change the bandages. This action caused much pain to their patients. The nurses had problems with their intuition without even knowing this fact. This example demonstrates the consequences when people do not want to test and improve their own intuition. However, this would help to understand others and their needs. It is necessary to stress that, of course, the patient with burned body knows better how to take of the bandages with less pain. There are several possible ways to distinguish intuition. For example, this word is translated as ‘to look at’ from Latin. So, intuition means looking at some situation or problem in detail with the help of one’s inner feelings. It is necessary to stress that intuition really helps people to live an easier life. Our inner man knows better what we need to do in certain situations. Thus, in the majority of cases it is not conscience but intuition that makes us apologize for some words or actions. Our inner man feels that the person you respect may be offended by the above-mentioned things. You feel that if you do not apologize, this will be the end of friendship or love. It means that if people listened to their intuitions more often, there would be fewer divorces in families and misunderstanding among people. Resorting to the use of intuition will help people to economize much time and effort on doing a lot of things. If one uses intuition in order to handle some problem, he/she does not need to spend sleepless nights in order to select the best way to solve the problem. Intuition gives an opportunity to make fast decisions and not to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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