Symbolism on why people wear figuritive masks in front of others - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Invention Idea's In my search for a topic on which to write, I will have to sit down and reflect on the most favorable topic since there are a lot of topics on which I could write upon. When I looked upon the many experiences and events which have happened in the past 10 years I find it hard to select a topic on which to write on…
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Symbolism on why people wear figuritive masks in front of others
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Download file to see previous pages Since most of my old high school mates have moved away, I will instead visit the Westfield Gateway Mall. Since malls do not change much I expect to see familiar scenes during the night. I will take notes on a notebook which will include all activities which seem familiar and new ones that seem interesting (Metz and Mauk, 34). I will then use the most interesting of my notes to write my invention essay. My only concern in writing g this essay is that since the Westfield Gateway Mall is such a large place I may miss many interesting and new things due to lack of time. I visited the Westfield Gateway Mall one evening in order to make my observations. The Westfield Gateway Mall is packed with lines of cars in the huge parking lot. The doors are made of creative designs which seem to invite you into the bowels of the mall. The building gives off different feelings from its decor. The side of the building ranges from bumpy to smooth while the lights are in a variety of luminous green and yellow to deep azures and purple. The mall is located within the Los Angeles District. The people, the places and the decor comprise what is the essence of Westfield Gateway Mall. Many different activities take place within the mall though not all are in plain sight. It takes an observant eye to see some of the subtle hints. I walk into the inviting sliding doors and head to the food counter attracted by the sweet aroma of fried chicken. As I walk inside I can instinctively sense eyes boring into my back though I meet turned heads when I turn around. I stand in line next to a teenage couple who can’t stop whispering into each others ears. Well the guy can’t stop talking into the girl’s ears while the girl seemed to have an absent look yet pretended to giggle at his every word. I get my burgers and head to a shiny table to savor the environment. Eating my burger, I look up at the numerous tables spread around the eatery and the kids screaming and scampering all over the place. At a table next to me are two ladies who were chatting while the husband talked on the phone with a blank look. I got interested in the blank look of the husband and started analyzing it more. It seemed to me that the husband was merely playing down the seriousness of the conversation for the sake of his wife. It seemed as if he was saying something he did not want his wife to hear though he did not want to leave the table as he was afraid of arousing suspicion. Meanwhile a birthday party is going on full swing at the corner of the eatery. One of the women pretends to be unconcerned when the children run to the party and attempt to grab the pieces of the cake. She wears a face of nonchalance though it is obvious to me that she is embarrassed at her child’s behavior. This is proved by the fact that she seems rooted to her seat and makes no attempt to go to restrain the misbehaving child. In the meantime I notice a waiter who I guessed to be in his mid twenties cleaning out tables as patrons depart and come in. A family of three with a teenage daughter was seated two tables away. I observed the teenage daughter cast furtive glances at the young waiter though she vehemently denied any such thing when the father reprimanded her. This reminded me of my childhood memories when I was reprimanded for truancy and denied it yet it was clear for all to see my guilt. I go and lean on a railing to watch the steady stream of people coming and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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