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Innovation through the next generation - Essay Example

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Ahmad Al-Sabah Professor Nixon ENG101/Fall 2011 9 October 2011 World of Innovation – Blackberry Billboard The subject that has been chosen for this project is a billboard. Blackberry, World of Innovation is the name of the subject. This blackberry billboard is located Eureka Salmiya Kuwait…
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Innovation through the next generation
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Extract of sample "Innovation through the next generation"

Download file to see previous pages Initially their prices were not set or developed for the normal mobile phone user. Blackberry 8900 is still mainly targeted to the business class (BlackBerry Torch 9800 & 9810, 2011). The cell phone offers preloaded with the trial version of Microsoft Office and now provides the ability to edit, format and save the documents directly on mobile phone. The blackberry also focuses the elite business class with wireless connectivity option for faster, speedy paced Internet connections when the subscriber needs it the most. Blackberry has now been stimulated with the young generation capturing style and fashion. Along with multimedia, and camera, Blackberry has preloaded a series of applications and games such as facebook, twitter which is targeted directly to the youth and social networking groups. RIM has also offered a new software store namely Blackberry App World with thousands of applications that cater many kinds of audience. Impact of the Blackberry Billboard In the given photo, it looks as if a dark side of a cell phone is displayed. This point is not understandable as why the theme of the advertisement of Blackberry is kept to be too much on the gloomy side. Reappearance and repetition of the work “Blackberry” poses a negative impact of dragging the potential customer on boredom and irritating side rather than programming and scripting the core features of Blackberry. “Blackberry app world” is advertised in a very small typeface size and at a top left corner where the possibility of being overlooked may arise. Viewer of this advertisement may not pay any attention to such an ignored piece of information (Mobile Phone Archive – Banana Kuwait Blog). Regardless of the age group, the overall theme of World of Innovation does not make any sense as the so called innovative features displayed in the advertise, are also offered by other cell phone manufacturers including Nokia, Apple etc. So what is innovative in this advertisement billboard is just a matter of misleading the potential customer, as all the innovative features offered, are already in the knowledge of the potential customer. Since the younger generation is moving ahead of these upcoming features in the cellular phones, therefore by showing them facebook, twitter, gmail cannot attract them in a great deal. Whereas the elder class has distinct dispositions regarding the type of cell phones that they use. Elite business class prefer those cell phones which have the options of emails, documentations, spreadsheets and contact data bases etc, unfortunately, none of these features are marketed in this particular billboard advertisement. Rest of the elder class prefers to use simple, durable, reliable and economic cell phones but, yet here again, this Blackberry advertisement fails to fulfill their expectations. Impact of Colors in Blackberry Billboard Colors have a substantial emotional and psychological impact in advertising any brand or product. The predominant colors used in the subject that I chose are strong and dark colors, comprising of black, navy blue and deep red colors. Deep and dark colors generally portray sentiments of power, evil, mystery and death. On the other hand, Black also gives a sentiment of elegancy, depth and feeling of perspective. According to Color Wheel Pro, black serves in gathering attention towards the advertisement. In my opinion, Black and other dark colors have been used in this advertise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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