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Proving God's Existence - Essay Example

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Name Name of Professor Proving God’s Existence Introduction God exists- this paper presents three reasons for believing so. Specifically, the paper argues that theism is more credible than atheism. As we journey through life, it is our purpose to understand the things that surround us, and to exert an effort to make sense of the real world…
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Proving Gods Existence
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"Proving God's Existence"

Download file to see previous pages Yet, mathematicians admit that the presence of a concretely unlimited quantity of things results in self-negations (Craig & Sinnott-Armstrong 2004). For instance, what is perpetuity minus perpetuity? A mathematician will surely provide self-negating answers. For instance, if you deduct all the odd digits from all the natural digits, how many digits remain? The answer is an infinite digit. Thus perpetuity minus perpetuity is perpetuity. However, assume you deduct all the digits higher than 2. How many remain? The answer is 3. It has to be realized that in these two instances we have deducted similar numbers from similar numbers and end up with negating results (Craig & Sinnott-Armstrong 2004). In reality, according to Hoffman and Geisler (2006), one can obtain any result s/he likes from zero to infinity. This means that perpetuity is only a notion in an individual’s thoughts, not something that actually exists. David Hilbert, possibly the best mathematician of the previous era, claims, “The infinite is nowhere to be found in reality. It neither exists in nature nor provides a legitimate basis for rational thought… the role that remains for the infinite to play is solely that of an idea” (Craig et al. 2003, 19). ...
The astronomical proofs suggest that the universe was brought about by a massive explosion, approximately 15 billion years ago, referred to as the ‘Big Bang’. Actual spatial and temporal contexts resulted from that occurrence, and the energy and matter in the universe. Hence, as argued by Cambridge scientist Fred Hoyle, the Big Bang premise entails the conception of the universe from nothing (Craig & Sinnott-Armstrong 2004). In Hoyle’s explanation, this is due to the fact that as one regresses, one arrives at a time at which the universe was “shrunk down to nothing at all” (Craig & Sinnott-Armstrong 2004, 4). Therefore, what the theory of Big Bang implies is that the universe was formed out of nothing. At this point, from the fundamental premise of the argument, as the origin of space and time, this mystical beginning should be an immaterial, ageless, eternal, and uncaused entity which formed the universe. It should be uncaused since we have determined that there cannot be a perpetual relapse of causes. It should be eternal and hence undying because it created temporal contexts. Since it created spatial contexts as well, it should go beyond space as well and hence be ethereal, not material or physical (Hoffman & Geisler 2006). Basically, it seems that there is a credible explanation for the existence of God based upon the beginning of the universe. The Second Argument In the recent decades, scientists have found out that the presence of intelligent life forms depends on a composite and fragile equilibrium of initial circumstances presented in the Big Bang itself. Intellectuals thought in the past that whatever the first circumstances of the universe were, in due course life could evolve. It appears ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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