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Batman versus Superman - Essay Example

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Batman vs. Superman As far as a contrast and similarities between two characters goes it is rare that two figures in literary history go so well with each other. Both Batman and Superman were the star characters of DC comics and responsible for the success and popularity of the comic giant over the sixty years that they have been in print, winning the hearts and minds of a substantial fan base…
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Batman versus Superman
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Download file to see previous pages We can initiate the discussion by discussing Superman, also known as Clark Kent. The origins for this comic character can be described as one that has gone through considerable changes and ret-cons during its tenure however the basic essence of his origin remains similar – Superman comes from another planet by the name of Krypton in a rocket, the survivor of a apocalypse which effectively destroys his home; he was shipped off to a new destination – Planet Earth. It was here that he finds a new home for himself with a small caring family in Smallville; Jonathan and Martha Kent who long for a child and hence raise him as their own. There are several versions of the journey that Clark undertakes some talk about his ability to use his powers beginning from a very young age and hence leading to him transitioning to the young super hero, Superboy. However this version was discarded mainly because it brought up inconsistencies as far a Chronological time line was concerned. Clark Kent’s move into the city of Metropolis and his work as a reporter mark the beginning of his secret identity as Superman as he starts to form a line of defense against his foes such as Lex Luthor, Braniac, etc. The identity of Superman is a major source of conflict and debate for the numerous fans that can talk about a length on the topic. There are two main sides of the pending arguments; the first being that Superman is the real identity of the character and that Clark Kent can rightly be categorized as his alter ego; this being mainly justified due to this birth on another planet and his powers being innate rather than acquired during his life. On the other hand there is a considerable fan base that argues that Clark Kent only just so happens to be Superman; the primary bases for this argument being the fact that he was raised by Martha and Jonathon to be human and it was during a later part of his life that he realized that he had powers (Jacobs, 2011). Either way there comes intersecting lines of agreement as far as Superman persistently kept his polite and meek ego adopt a pattern of behavior vastly divergent from that of Superman. As a superhero he was fearless and confident whereas Clark comes off as more clumsy and quiet individual. Clark reinforces his secret identity so firmly that he even fools the people who are close to him n his life. An excellent example is that of Lois Lane, Clark’s romantic interest and co-worker who despite working with him in such close proximity never comes to the realization that the Clark and Superman was the same individual. Showing just how effective his cover was and how great a transition the character undertakes when it comes to swapping a pair of glasses and redoing his hair. Superman’s brand of justice is an extension of his own personality where he prioritizes protecting and saving the lives of innocent victims who are in imminent peril over chasing down villains when a threatening situation, a crisis or an emergency unfolds. It is only after he is convinced that innocent lives are protected from danger and that everyone is safe that the will tackle the main peril at hand. Batman is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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