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Superman, Thor and Batman - Essay Example

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Superman, Thor, Batman and The United States of America Superheroes have been a part of every individual’s life since childhood. It is fascinating how, through the years, these super figures may have updated their costumes or powers and yet people of different ages idolize them for the same reasons: these superheroes, despite their super powers, also manifest human emotions…
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Superman, Thor and Batman
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Download file to see previous pages Studying these characters, how they were created and even the period when they were made, one can discover the reason behind their creation and possibly have a better understanding of the culture during that time. In America where one can find the movie capital of the world, superhero fans have tried to interpret what these characters, specifically Superman, Batman and Thor may want to stand for in relation to their homeland. Superman is one, if not, the most famous superhero of all time. The character’s popularity reaches outside the United States. At costume parties or children’s birthdays, the Superman theme is always a favorite. There is something in the man’s personality and overall appearance that has made people, especially Americans, a fondness. It is no wonder then that Superman who fights for “Truth, Justice and the American Way” has been believed to symbolize America more than any other super figure. The Superman everyone today is familiar with was supposedly influenced by not only one but several figures in the lives of then-teenage creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. A storyteller and an artist, respectively, Jerry and Joe, initially created an image in the likeness of philosopher Nietzsche’s Superman. ...
Hugo Danner, a fictional character with superpowers in a book the boys were fond of, was said to have given inspiration to Superman’s strengths. There was also the likeness to the biblical figure Moses. The deliverer of the Jewish people (Siegel and Shuster were of Jewish origin) was also left by his parents to save him, adopted by others and lived a double life. Some people say that mild-mannered Kent and the indestructible Superman were a representation of the Jewish people’s meekness and their hope of saving their families from the Nazis. Everyone knows the story of Superman. An alien sent to Earth by his parents, the boy is adopted by the Kents, a middle-class couple who lives in the countryside. The adoptive parents raise him without encouraging the use of his supernatural powers. As an adult, he is depicted as a humble, unassuming and shy newspaper reporter. He wears black, unfashionable, corrective glasses and walks with his shoulders slouched and his hair parted to the side. This is Clark Kent, Superman in his “human” form. At the sound of trouble, Clark changes into a charming, physically impressive and powerful man who helps anyone in distress. Although he appears to be invincible, he is weakened by kryptonite, a kind of stone that comes from, ironically, Superman’s own home planet, Krypton. Superman can be viewed as an epitome of America’s dominant figure in the world. Similar to Superman, the country is the current super power. It uses its resources and strength to protect its own and the other countries, big or small, who ask for help. It does not condone evil doings. The world was witness to America’s strength when it dominated in wars against Japan, Korea, Spain, Great Britain and Iraq. Like how people in Metropolis look up to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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