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Contrast, Comparison, and Definition of Writing Style - Essay Example

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The essay discusses the contrast, comparison, and definition of the essay. If the essay had been about ‘Purchasing a house in the suburbs’ and ‘Purchasing a house in the heart of the city’, it would have qualified as a comparison essay. It’s quite unlikely that the comparison technique can be used…
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Contrast, Comparison, and Definition of Writing Style
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Extract of sample "Contrast, Comparison, and Definition of Writing Style"

Download file to see previous pages In this essay about Purchasing a Home, it stands quite right to define the concept of defining the idea of ‘Buying a House’ and what it may mean to different people. Definition essays also mean to illustrate the application of the terms that is sought to be defined hence, it is quite correct to want to define the concept of ‘purchasing a house’, before delving further into it. In this essay, although the terms ‘purchasing a house’ literally means to buy a house, however, the implications of buying a house may vary with different points of view. People may have their own reasons and needs to clarify the term. Emphasis can be laid on similarities of opinions while buying a house; wherein a certain class of people may or may not like a certain kind of house. On the basis of this, one can use the ‘Contrast Essay’ methodology onto this essay. One can accentuate the contrasts in this essay in a number of ways. For example, the advantages of one kind of house over the other or purchasing a house in an urban area as opposed to purchasing a house in a rural area. Contrasts can be made in the prices of houses that are being purchased. In fact, all areas of subjectivity can be issued to contrast essays. Usually, contrasting in this essay will involve analyzing the situations that are being put forth by the writer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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