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Smaller Representation, Yet Strong Family & Kinship Ties - Essay Example

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Smaller representation, yet Strong Family & Kinship Ties Essay #1 discusses the standards of living and coping difficulties of the black, white and Latino / Latina families. The surprising finding from their research is that social class is more important than ethnic origins…
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Smaller Representation, Yet Strong Family & Kinship Ties
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"Smaller Representation, Yet Strong Family & Kinship Ties"

Download file to see previous pages This is possible on account of an extended family that helps each other by assisting in household tasks, child rearing, transportation and practical advice. We now try and extend the focal argument to a different stream of society: Asian Americans, Pacific Highlanders, Native Americans and immigrants. In the case of Asian Americans, we would expect the pattern to be similar for all the variables in the survey such as “Live with kin”, “Live near kin”, “Financial Support” and “Emotional Support”. In the case of Financial and Emotional Support, we would expect Asian Americans to be at par with white Americans. To support our claim, we look at previous research that highlights an instance of the closely-knit Punjabi (a province in India) communities where the children conformed to elders expectations in terms of marriage, child rearing and support to kin (Foner, 1997). She goes on to explain the emphasis on education in India. Therefore we can expect that other Asian countries such as China and Indonesia would be keen on stressing a higher level of educational qualifications. Extending the argument, we can say that higher levels of academic qualifications would in turn lead to a better standard of living. Therefore, despite being minorities, we would expect Asian Americans to earn substantially higher incomes than their Black or Latino/ a counterparts. Foner (1997) also traces patterns of family ties among Asian Americans and states that they tend to emphasize high levels of conformance, cooperation and acceptance to family norms and rituals. This helps us infer that Asian Americans are also likely to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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