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Maya Society was an example of a great civilisation. Discuss the various aspects of this civilisation - Essay Example

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Maya Civilization by many researchers have also been termed as different groups having unique and different features and norms but all had one thing in common…
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Maya Society was an example of a great civilisation. Discuss the various aspects of this civilisation
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Extract of sample "Maya Society was an example of a great civilisation. Discuss the various aspects of this civilisation"

Download file to see previous pages Despite having such powers she would never be given the title of Mah Kina (Hill, 1732).
Many historians after closely studying history and different civilizations have come to conclusion that Mayans as a society were native cultured people belonging to Northern part of America. As a civilization or populations and resources, they occupied a terrain of an estimate sixty thousand square miles. This also included Southern Mexico, adjacent segment of Northern Guatemala.
Mayan society: the Mayans were the most important of the cultured native peoples of North America, both in the degree of their civilization and in population and resources, formerly occupying a territory of about 60,000 square miles, including the whole of the peninsula of Guatemala and Yucatan. However it is to be noted that majority population always resided in same region outside large cities. As other tribes, Maya also had important tribes which formed strength of whole nation. Key tribes were Quiche and Cakchiquel of Guatemala. Each tribe part of Maya society held high cultural values. In North America Maya were being most advanced civilization and also most prehistoric. Despite being so prestigious, their numbers are estimated to be around two million approximately (Andrien, 814).
If analyzing Maya civilization culturally, they could be segmented into three sections, i.e. south, north and central. It was the southern region where first signs of Maya civilization could be traced back. Izapa carvings reflect Gods that were antecedents of classic deities and at and at Kaminaljuyu glyphs on stelea indicates the signs of origination of Maya writing system. Olmec influence could be clearly traced in this area when historians studied it. Southern lowlands from Tabasco lying in northwest to Belize all made up the central region. While southern region constituted of Guatemalas Motagua River region. Along River and throughout the Peten Maya civilization flourished due ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Maya Society Was an Example of a Great Civilisation. Discuss the Essay.
“Maya Society Was an Example of a Great Civilisation. Discuss the Essay”, n.d.
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