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Causes and Effects of Divorce - Essay Example

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26th June 2011. Key words: Detrimental, alimony, stigma, compassion, abusive, resentment, victimization, squabble, culprit, incompatibility. Causes and effects of divorce: This paper is primarily based on discussing a largely spoken and fervently debated issue regarding the causes and effects of divorce…
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Causes and Effects of Divorce
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Extract of sample "Causes and Effects of Divorce"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the marriage counselors highlight excessive intolerance, high temperaments, and poor communication to be the major causes of a failed marriage which are discussed in this paper along with the broad range of socioeconomic and psychological effects produced on both men and women by a failed marriage. Research done on poorly working marital relationships between husbands and wives presents the fact that women are emotionally much better groomed than men and they think that emotional handling is hugely important for appropriate maintenance of the marriage. They like to talk things over with their husbands and naturally demand suitable responses from them as well. On the other hand, most of the husbands are found completely oblivious to the difference in the emotional realities existing between men and women. Though, they do communicate with their wives at the beginning of the marriage as a way of maintaining a sense of closeness with their wives, they become less and less communicative with the passing time due to which the wives helplessly develop an inner void that is completely inescapable. The growing silence on the part of husbands also leads the wives to develop fake illusions like they may have lost charm due to which their men no more find them attractive and worth talking-to. Obviously, women squabble about the state of their marriages much passionately than men so and as they are more vocal about various problems which they encounter, the reduced responsiveness of their men proves to be an infuriating culprit which causes divorce. Incompatibility between partners, in terms of emotional and intellectual grooming, is also a major cause of divorce. Abusive relationship between husband and wife also leads them to destroy each other’s mental well being which leads them to initiate divorce settlement. (Rowd). Zero tolerance on either side leads both partners to the decision that there is no way out except divorce which would prove to be a dead lock to the violent fights. Coming to the economic pressures exerted by divorce, it is mentioned in (EFFECTS OF DIVORCE) that women experience a severe drop in their standard of living after the divorce is finalized and in contrast, men enjoy a rise in their living standards after getting divorced. This is because the kind of emotional trauma experienced by women after divorce is much more detrimental than the trauma faced by their ex-spouses, as men are less emotional, more practical, and more able of handling their lives after getting divorced. In most of the cases, women are reduced to depend on alimony, which is the court-ordered financial support given by one spouse to another for a particular time period. (Melamed) specifies that aggravated depression is one of the major psychological effects produced as a result of divorce on both men and women. The social stigma experienced by women after divorce also produces troublesome repercussions for them, particularly in more conventional countries where contrastingly, many men draw sympathy and compassion towards themselves from the surrounding social network of people after getting divorced. That is why men feel more confident than women to remarry and escape the social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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