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The Laws of Divorce in Various Arab Countries: the Right of Maintenance - Research Paper Example

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This paper will look at the specifically prevalent reasons for divorce in the context of UAE, which has been showing the highest divorce rates among the Gulf countries. It will also try to develop an understanding of the impact on both couples and children in the UAE…
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The Laws of Divorce in Various Arab Countries: the Right of Maintenance
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Download file to see previous pages Divorce is ‘a judicial declaration dissolving a marriage in whole or in part, especially one that releases the husband and wife from all matrimonial obligations’ (, 2010). In addition, divorce decree decides how the parties will share the custody of children, share property, and provide financial support etc. in the aftermath. The legal aspects of divorce are largely dependent on the law of the land and the social or cultural belief systems prevalent in the region. Different religions also provide for directions in the event of divorce and how to follow the correct protocol and process for a resolution. This is the reason, why there are different types of rules and protocols that guide the divorce process in different countries and even in different states (as in the case of the United States of America). While divorce has a legal, financial and social impact on the parties involved, there are also various psychological and personal impacts on the children as well as on the ex-spouses as well (Demo et al, 2007). The detrimental impacts of divorce on all the people involved, especially the children have been reported by several scholars (Amato, 2000); and this is the reason that there is the whole industry of marriage councillors and psychologists that strive to help couples save their marriages. Even in the case of legal recourse, the courts too try to reconcile before giving a divorce decree. The reason for divorce could be diverse and varied and have been cited from the modern lifestyle to the interference of in-laws to financial pressures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Laws of Divorce in Various Arab Countries: The Right of Research Paper.
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