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An Intriguing person George Bernard Shaw - Essay Example

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George Bernard Shaw is a person who has always intrigued me and each time when I read his quotes I was left mesmerized . The most attractive thing about him is his way of thinking. The first time when I got appealed by him was when I read a quote which really touched by heart and thinking level. …
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An Intriguing person George Bernard Shaw
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"An Intriguing person George Bernard Shaw"

Download file to see previous pages Shaw was asked by one person the reason for not decorating his house with cut flowers. In his reply Shaw stated that ,I do love children very much but I don’t cut their heads and keep them in my drawing room. What a great thinker? This shows the fact that he is extra – ordinary and indeed he loved nature from his heart. Even though Shaw was world renowned person in artistic and literature world, his humble nature and humanitarian attitude is what captivated my heart and soul He was a high thinking man but did not have a university education .He was self taught and had only local school education. He was born as a third child to a corn merchant called George Carr Shaw who was an alcholic.His parents had no money to spend on his education but still George with his intelligence brought about change in his personality and career. He was a world renowned playwrighter and his plays have a grand reptoire attached to it. He was acknowledged with the Nobel Prize in 1923 and that too after many struggling years as an artist. It is very interesting to note that he never accepted his prize money as he thought it was unworthy for him. This humility and humbleness in him have consistently influenced me in my daily life. It is extremely pleasing to notice how valuable and knowledgeable people like Shaw conducted their life with less pomp and luxury. He was an artist by heart and gave much respect and consideration to nature. The most praise worthy aspect of Shaw is that he was a vegetarian .This was an admiring quality in him that attracted me towards him. In the early times the European world was unaware of the spiritual side of being on vegetarian diet and the concept of non – violence. But even then Shaw was voluntarily a vegetarian loved all living beings as his fellow creatures. What an excellent and noble thinking! He is so elevated from his soul to consider all elements of nature precious and worthy of love. He was a lifelong pacifist, socialist and vegetarian. He was an international icon in his waning years and whatever he said or did was considered with respect and awe by public. Every word delivered by him were considered with great respect and traveled through continents. He was regarded as a profound thinker with immense wisdom and morality. These golden qualities make him an exquisite personality in my eyes. He advocated that our dislike for a certain human being or a person does not give us the right to hurt them or injure them. I believe that every human being have a lot to learn from this noble man who is a genius and a brilliant humanitarian. He was a socialist and defended largely against landlordism, politics, militarism, prostitution, capitalism, hypocrisy and deceit Ironically till his thirty years of age he believed in atheism and judged the doctrines of Church absurd and menaingless.In 1890s, Shaw confessed that he believe n mystic theories and was a believer of cosmic power. This is another point which make him idealistic as I find I have the same values and beliefs .He was never a believer of idol worship and rituals but understood that loving and caring attitude towards living beings means a lot more than loving an unknown identity. He propagated that the life has a meaning and the cosmic power did not make us for nothing. We are supposed to attempt self sacrifice as we are bestowed with intelligence will and determination by the life giving force. The important concepts delivered by Shaw have to be understood and followed by young generation. We have a lot to learn and comprehend from this idealistic man. His thought needs to be pondered upon, analyzed and then practiced in life. Shaw ardently believed that God made us for a purpose and he wanted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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