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Aerobic Sisyphus and the Suburbanized Psyche by Rebecca Solnit - Essay Example

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This study will present a critical analysis of the article “Aerobic Sisyphus and the Suburbanized Psyche”. Rebecca Solnit in her work tackled the importance of walking in the past centuries. She wanted readers to realize what was been treasured had been lost…
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Aerobic Sisyphus and the Suburbanized Psyche by Rebecca Solnit

Download file to see previous pages... The present research has identified that Rebecca Solnit used strong words to push her arguments to the readers’ thoughts like in: "Too, the estate was on a sale that permitted walking without leaving the grounds; the suburban home was not, but suburbs would eat up the countryside and diffuse the urban anyway." The way she sounded when she mentioned the words “eat up the countryside” was more like saying that the suburbs are more of an animal trying to devour and consume the countryside or the old way of living. The industrial revolution, as a reason of suburbanization, led to the absurdity of mankind of the way of its culture has come. Walking, before, was almost you could say “their life”. It was a monotonous indoor and outdoor struggle to live their lives and to earn for it. “Sub-urbanization has radically changed the scale and texture of everyday life, usually in ways inimical to getting about on foot”. An improvement in cities and an invention of sidewalks created safe streets to walk, yet people were discouraged by the improvement and they felt unsafe: such as the threat of acquainted people and industrial pollution. Solnit also mentioned: "The most perverse of all the devices in the gym is the treadmill (and its steeper cousin, the Stairmaster). Perverse, because I can understand simulating farm labor since activities of rural life are not often available - but simulating walking suggests that space itself has disappeared. That is, the weights simulate the objects of work, but the treadmill and Stairmaster simulate the surfaces on which walking takes place.” where she points out that walking nowadays is done indoors only. Unlike in the past centuries where it has the freedom to be, walking... The paper tells that work and family became separated. In the past, early artisans used to have shops in their houses, that is before there were factories that poor families could work and large markets that produce huge amount of goods an artisan’s shop could produce. People have to work; they will go out, drive a car or get on a train to go to work far from their families to earn money to provide their family something to eat. Home in the 19th century, for workers, is not a place for family but more like a place to rest, a place to prepare for another day’s work. Wanting to earn, workers have to spend money to ride along to get to factories, it made them even poorer than they were before as common countryside or neighborhood shop artisans. People in the early centuries as living countryside was healthier than they are the time factory systems arose. Factories and industrial plants polluted almost all of the wide green plains and blue seas. Children who use to play outside in the gardens with a smile on their faces tend to stay inside and watch television than to go outside and breathe polluted air. Healthy fishes, which used to provide fishermen food and living, now floats in the seas for their habitats are covered with dirt and oil from factories and industrial power plants. Suburbanization and technology influenced, as well as changed, our culture. Several inventions and discoveries led to the creation of machinery and toys that reduces human efforts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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