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A Dogs Tale - How to Train a Lonely Master - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "A Dog’s Tale - How to Train a Lonely Master" presents the story from the face of the dog. Barking is the main language the dog uses to communicate with its master. But the dog also shows him the powers of body language, moves, and actions…
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A Dogs Tale - How to Train a Lonely Master
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"A Dogs Tale - How to Train a Lonely Master"

Download file to see previous pages Mon seems really great. He is responsible and hard working. But he does not know how to have a life. He does care to have a happy break from his busy hours. I can even say that staying with him for a week seems lonelier than staying in the pound. He does not care about me. He does not even take care of himself. Yes, he feeds and bathes me. But he does not walk me at the park. He does not go out unless he needs to buy food and the other needs. My master needs me. I suddenly barked and barked while he was working. He turned around and shoo me away. He was definitely annoyed at what I was doing. But then again, I need to get his attention. I need to help him. I continued to bark and he stopped working. He turned away from the table and he went to the kitchen to find food. He fed me but I did not touch the food. He really seemed confused. I think he is trying to understand why I barked and not eat when fed. I moved closer to him. He looked at me and mumbled words I cannot understand. I barked and then I rolled over. He smiled. I think he understood what I wanted him to do. He grabbed a ball and threw it. I ran, picked the ball and ran back to him. He smiled again. We played for few minutes and then I went to the kitchen to eat. He went back to his work too. I was happy that he understood me and he seemed happy playing with me. Every day, I do this to him and he responds quicker than the first time. When I roll over the floor, he already knew what to do. I am happy he is learning. Every day, Mon cleans his car. Every time he does this, I go with him. When I know he is almost done, I bark again and I move closer to the pail of water. He is trying to figure out what I was trying to do. He tried to give me water but I did not move closer, rather I barked again. He then poured the water on me. I stayed unmoved. He knew that I wanted to take a bath. I was happy he understood me again. One day, while we were playing outside the house I saw a girl walking her dog. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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