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Relationships in A Horses Tale by Mark Taiwan - Book Report/Review Example

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The following paper represents a review of the book titled "A Horse's Tale" by Mark Taiwan. An author of the report will discuss his personal thoughts and describe the main plot. The ongoing story tells about different stories of love and care of human and animals’ relationships…
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Relationships in A Horses Tale by Mark Taiwan
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Extract of sample "Relationships in A Horses Tale by Mark Taiwan"

Download file to see previous pages The ongoing story tells about different stories of love and care of human and animals’ relationships. Cathy becomes the love of Soldier Boy as a rider, and the Soldier Boy never forgets his masters in their absence. Same it is Cathy also loves everyone, especially the horse.
The first chapter is about the personal thoughts of the horse (the Soldier Boy) about his master (Buffalo Bill). The horse describes his master’s personality very beautifully by a keen analysis of look, weight, height, his interests, etc. the Soldier-Boy also compares himself to Buffalo Bills in terms of nature and look. The horse tells that the weight of Buffalo Bill is about 200 hundred pounds but to going for battles he carries enough weight of armed equipment The Soldier-Boy is very honest to accept the teachings of Buffalo Bill to become a warrior horse. There are also a detailed description of his parents and their working life, which is not important to summaries there.
In this chapter, the Soldier-Boy shares his experience of forty days scouting from the Big Horn; he stays at Fort Paxton the place where Seventh Cavalry is garrisoned. A new phase starts in the chapter when the niece of General Alison has to come to the fort, and everyone waiting for her very happy and especially the General. The reason for General’s love for his niece’s orphaned and his love was like his own child for the cute girl.
Mercedes is the sister-in-law of General’s deceased brother, who is Spanish and do not know the English language too. She writes a letter to General by describing the reasons for sending Catherine to him. It was the wish of Catherine parents that their daughter would spend her life with his uncle Alison by taking care of his health after retirement. She appreciates the beauty and intellectual qualities of Catherine with love and care. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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