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Investigating And Debunking A Weird Belief: Involvement Of Usa In 9/11 - Research Paper Example

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This paper aims to investigate and debunk one of such common irrational beliefs that plagues the New World Order, simply by re-creating and re-defining the already existing chaos prevalent in it…
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Investigating And Debunking A Weird Belief: Involvement Of Usa In 9/11
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Extract of sample "Investigating And Debunking A Weird Belief: Involvement Of Usa In 9/11"

Download file to see previous pages The United States has always been considered to be a target of extremists. One event that totally changed the political policies of the United States and put the country in an emergency was the happening that took place on the 9th of September 2001. It is an event which will be marked in the history of the United States and will never be forgotten. It was a day when innocent lives were lost and too much blood was shed. It was a day which would always carry the dark memories of the happenings that took place. United States is a country which was believed to be the most secure place for beings and many people moved to the country owing to the safety and protection that is provided to its citizens. But the occurrences of 9/11 greatly altered that image and it was seen that even a super power of the world could not save the hundreds of lives that were lost on that day. Immediately following the attack, the blame was placed on the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda and there were reports that Osama bin Laden had claimed responsibility for the act. It might have been the easiest option available for the government and it was a convincing option owing to the background and operations of Al- Qaeda throughout the world. But an in-depth analysis of the attacks provides with many insights regarding the happenings of the day. A closer picture of the 9/11 attacks serves to explain the true conspiracy that lies behind the attacks of that day and it was revealed that there was no such involvement of the government as well as the intelligence agencies of the country in the happenings of the day. This paper aims to investigate and debunk one of such common irrational beliefs that plagues the New World Order, simply by re-creating and re-defining the already existing chaos prevalent in it: The engagement of USA in bringing down the Twin Towers, and thus, introducing the concept of Terrorism, Hostile Take-overs, survival and the monotonous concept of globalization, as the world perceives it today. A set of irrational beliefs is given, described as seen from both sides of the argument, and then a personal opinion has been incorporated, to explicitly point out what my standing as an individual is, on this specific issue. THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY THEORY Conspiracy theory can be called any such belief or a set of beliefs, that a certain group of people or individuals might hold to be true, and will stick to it, enforcing it upon others, wherever and however they can. Conspiracy theories stem directly from illogical fallacies, that erupt when something, this very group of people, do not want to believe in, occurs. So, according to certain authors, this group starts believing what it wants to (Greenwald, 2009), spreading rumors, which might leave the Government claims behind As the rumors about the actual incidents of 9/11 has done, in this case. The irrational beliefs people hold to be dear and true to their hearts, have over taken all the proceedings, the Government of America has filled the media with. 9/11 is the one of the worst incidents to have occurred in the history of mankind, for it altered and modified the way this world was actually running in. Some theorists argue for it to be the Defining New World Order, for it allowed one of the biggest nations on the face of this earth, to take by force what is not theirs, to implement a set of factors defining what happened, and to fight against what the minority has proven the actual incident to be. Amongst a number of theories, that have built up, over time, the most widely known theory about the 9/11 attack, includes the controlled demolition attack (with the U.S. Officials having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This research paper was always my weak point. I could never finish it on time. Still, after I found this precise document, I understood how it should be completed. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the research paper in several hours, instead of months as it was previously.

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