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Bandwidth Estimation In Wireless Networks - Dissertation Example

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Wireless networks have become increasingly heterogeneous more difficult to model. The paper "Bandwidth Estimation In Wireless Networks" discusses the LPC method as one of many passive methods that allow for measurement of available bandwidth at both peak and non-peak times…
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Bandwidth Estimation In Wireless Networks
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Extract of sample "Bandwidth Estimation In Wireless Networks"

Download file to see previous pages A number of existent techniques provide a means of measuring bandwidth; however, many of those have limitations because they either increase network traffic unduly or provide poor data feedback. Through the use of LPC (Linear Prediction coding), a technique for measurement of wireless bandwidth has been developed that provides more thorough coverage and avoids common complications of previously implemented methods. This presents a major step forward in quantitative technology that has the potential to provide a more regular, thorough, and cost-effective solution for measuring wirelesses bandwidth to major industries in digital communication.
I would like to first state my immense gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Nada Philip, whose enthusiasm and critique helped me to sustain my motivation throughout the project and gain new insights above and beyond what I could have accomplished alone. Through-out this period, my supervisor’s sound advice kept me grounded and moving forward with both my project and the experience of thesis-writing.
I would additionally like to thank my instructors in mathematics and computer science for the contribution of their experience that was my original motivation for pursuing my degree and future career in data communications and computer networking.
Additionally, I am indebted to many of my peers and student colleagues for their contributions of discussion and collaboration on my project and many topics that have contributed to my overall knowledge of the field.
Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for the continued support they have provided throughout my project, and I would like to dedicate this work to them, as I could never have reached the point I am at today without their many contributions through the years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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