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Speed Delivery - Assignment Example

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For a successful technical solution to Speed-delivery's need each of GSM with WAP, GPRS and 3G should be considered. However which of the three technologies would be most suitable in this case can only be decided after the technical suitability of all the three mobile services, their advantages and limitations and any future concerns that may arise are thoroughly scrutinised.
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Speed Delivery
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Extract of sample "Speed Delivery"

Download file to see previous pages Through WAP the informations, maps and plan chalked out for the drivers by the management as well as the information required by the management from the drivers would be very easily and quickly delivered to both the parties. WAP can be built on operating systems like EPOC, Windows CE, JavaOS, FLEXOS, OS/9, PalmOS etc. WAP is meant for handheld digital wireless devices like the mobile phones, PDAs etc. since it is designed to work with wireless network like GSM, it can be considered technically suitable in this case. One advantage of WAP is that even between different device families, it has the capacity to provide service interoperability. So if the company wants to shift to other network technologies like CDMA in future, they will not have to face any major problem with WAP. According to Wikipedia, "Spin-off technologies, such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) (picture messaging), a combination of WAP and SMS, have further driven the protocol. An enhanced appreciation of device diversity, supported by the concomitant changes to WAP content to be more device-specific rather than being aimed at a lowest common denominator, has allowed for the content presented to be more compelling and usable. As a result, the adoption rate of WAP technology is on the upswing.''(para.24) So sending maps to the drivers would be easier through this mode. The other advantage and deciding factor of WAP is that its deployment is cost effective.
If we look at the usability of WAP we will find that the drivers who are always on a move would find it difficult to navigate with a WAP enabled mobile because of limited deck size. So care would have to be taken to keep the messages and maps as simple and understandable as possible otherwise the whole investment woulgd go awry. There is problem with a large amount of data to be accessed by WAP. Also, accessing data takes more time when compared to other modes like the 3G. So the bandwidth and delay factors should have to be compared before opting for this technology. Data services in WAP are mostly text based, hence for applications like email by mobile phones, stock market data etc. WAP is a better option but for digitized map transmission which uploads huge traffic load on the network, using WAP would be difficult.
Lots of developments are in progress in WAP technology but still due to data traffic limitations these technological upgradation will not solve Speed-delivery's purpose as their application requires rich content to flow at good speed.
The GPRS angle
The mobile data service, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is available to GSM mobile phones but it has 3 capability classes - Class A, Class B and Class C. In Class A GPRS service and GSM service (voice, SMS), can be connected at the same time using both. In Class B GPRS service and GSM service (voice, SMS), can be connected but only one at a time. It means that GPRS service gets suspended, if GSM service (voice call or SMS) is in progress. After the GSM service gets concluded, the GPRS service gets resumed automatically. Almost all the GPRS mobile devices comes under the Class B category. In the Class C category GSM service (voic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Speed Delivery Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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