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Automatic Controllers for Marine Engineering Systems - Case Study Example

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This paper "Automatic Controllers for Marine Engineering Systems" sheds some light on the use and implementation of various types of controllers in marine engineering systems Under the current paper, PID, Robust and Optimal controllers shall be discussed…
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Automatic Controllers for Marine Engineering Systems
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Extract of sample "Automatic Controllers for Marine Engineering Systems"

Download file to see previous pages PID stands for proportional integral derivative controller. Though the name seems to rely a bit on the mathematical logic used for control purposes, the system relies on the use of a loop feedback mechanism that provides continuous input into the state of the various parts of the system. Consider the example of an autopilot that is a common aspect in most marine systems. An autopilot relies heavily on such feedback-based systems, wherein the correct and set course of the vehicle is maintained by the controller. Essentially speaking, the PID controller receives feedback of the current direction of the marine vehicle (in the form of the feedback parameter) and compares it with the actual value that needs to be followed. Depending on the outcome of such comparison, the PID controller is configured with mechanisms that enable to perform the necessary corrective action that will allow the vehicle to proceed in the correct direction (Bryson, 1999).

The name PID derives from the fact that the algorithm that works as part of the logic behind the controller consists of three main ingredients namely the Proportional, Integral and the Derivative. Each of these functions has different criteria to look at. The proportional component of a PID controller works towards estimating the amount of reaction that needs to be expended with respect to the recently measured error. The integral component is used to estimate the overall summation of the set of recent errors. Thus, the integral component provides a historical perspective to the controller. The Derivative controller, on the other hand, is used to estimate the rate of change of the measured error with respect to time.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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