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The Author sought to tackle the unique features of the construction industry as they concern competition rules and policy. A secondary purpose was to explore the reason the construction industry appears…
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Construction Industry Research Article
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"Construction Industry Research"

Download file to see previous pages sought to debates theories infrequently presented by industry supporters about competition being either inapplicable or destructive in the construction industry (OECD Competition Committee, 2010).
I agree with the author that construction is a pivotal industry in OECD markets since it develops and sustains the structures and substructures that nearly all other industries require. As a result, I was not surprised if found out at either of their theories about the irrelevance of competition in the construction industry were convincing to the author. A report-like approach by the other leads the OECD Competition Committee to discover the absence of discerning characteristics of the construction industry that lower the advantages that competition introduces to consumer welfare. However, I think the preliminary challenge that the committee should have tackled was focusing on teaching and training innovation as a holistic solution for improving competition in the construction sector. For instance, the article points out that China is aware of the importance of this solution to their cartel challenge in its construction sector. I also think that the articles should have ended with recommendations for the listed countries for dealing with the cartel challenges in their respective construction industries on top of the government’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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