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Existing Home Automaton Systems Controlled via the internet - Essay Example

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Accordingly, the use of technology that makes life simpler, easier, less expensive and safer at home or office is called ‘home automation’. The existing…
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Existing Home Automaton Systems Controlled via the internet
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Extract of sample "Existing Home Automaton Systems Controlled via the internet"

Download file to see previous pages The internet technology plays an important part in such automation, as these homes are also called ‘smart homes’ or ‘e-homes’. The innovative technology and software available currently for home automation systems ensures the safe and secure life, while providing mobile and email alerts about the happenings at home to the specific user who may be away to far-off locations.
The ‘know and control kit’ as shown in the picture above puts the mobile phone in control of almost all gadgets in the home. Accordingly, it monitors the lighting devices, temperature of different systems such A/C or heating arrangements, locks and other safety devices, among others. The email notifications and mobile alerts provide reports regarding the function of each device.
Although various manufactures supply such kits, the ‘Smart Things’ kit comprises of two multi-sensors, 2 sensors responsible for detecting the presence of anyone in the home, 2 additional motion sensors, Ethernet cable with power cord and the necessary outlet plug. The kit comes with all required batteries. The Ethernet cable ensures connection of the system kit to internet.
As and when the kit detects some kind of motion by people, cars or pets, it sends an alert to the owner. It also sends early warnings on the detection of any leakage, presence of carbon monoxide or smoke in the home. There are no installation hassles or any kindly of monthly contract fees attached to this kit.
While the user has complete control over the gadgets working at home, there is no remedy in the event of any accident or hazard that occurs due to malfunction of any device. The system cannot help much in such cases except sending immediate email or mobile alerts.
The following image represents a ’Belk in’ Net Cam, which has Wife connectivity along with a camera that can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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