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Adoption of new technology to running businesses and entrepreneurship gained momentum when most managers and strategists realised the need to incorporate models that increase the output while minimizing the expenditures.
The journey gained significant attention during the 21st…
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Essay Adoption of new technology to running businesses and entrepreneurship gained momentum when most managers and strategists realised the need to incorporate models that increase the output while minimizing the expenditures.
The journey gained significant attention during the 21st century. However, utilisation of technology is a dynamic process that evolves and requires alignment with the vision and mission of the institution. Using information technology (ICT) should not be restricted to a given model because every venture can have elements of ICT in one or several aspects of its operation. To analysis how different models changes with ICT, Andriole (2015) assessed various models. When there is improved governance expansion of ICT stakeholders, there is a likelihood of increasing the importance of technology. Such steps improve governance, how business operates, how strategies are implemented, and guides the emergence of related technologies. For instance, the emergence of participatory governance correlates positively with the adoption of technology in federal and business environments. Besides, there is increased satisfaction of business requirement if cloud-computing takes a centre stage in such ventures (Andriole, 2015). Contrary, other federal governments and businesses that do not embrace computing lags behind in every aspect. There is evolution in governance technology because the emergence of technology leads to evolution of governance. However, one should ensure evolution does not affect the dynamisms of the business.
Having all parties in the ICT is essential. The role of both external and internal individuals is a significant consideration in the emergence of new participatory governance matrix utilising technology
Andriole, S.J. (March 2015). Who Owns IT. Communications of the ACM, 58(3), 50- 57. doi. 10.1145/2660765 Read More
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