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When desigining a buliding , what steps are put in place to protect pulic safety and the environment ( Techical Report) - Assignment Example

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Different kinds of building designs are been brought up every day. With all this construction going on we ask, what measures are kept in place to ensure public safety and protection of the environment…
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When desigining a buliding , what steps are put in place to protect pulic safety and the environment ( Techical Report)
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Extract of sample "When desigining a buliding , what steps are put in place to protect pulic safety and the environment ( Techical Report)"

Download file to see previous pages The research will focus more on the Waikato region of New Zealand. There are authorities that are charged with the safety regulations of building sites one of the groups that are charged with the responsibilities of ensuring safety is the Waikato building consent group.
The Waikato building Consent Team support some sort of risk dependent consenting technique, with duties and accountabilities becoming apportioned for the parties relative to their guidance. The Building Control council is responsible for issuing consents to allow for building development in the district, and conducting inspections in order to make sure that building agreement conditions are met and relevant legislation is observed fully. The group works in hand ensuring that building designs are up to standard and the safety requirements are considered in the sites under construction
Construction is an ongoing process. Every day there are buildings coming up while the old designs are been replaced by modern designs that improve the physical appearance of a place. With all this construction going on, it is important for a designer to consider public safety and the safety of the environment. There are steps that have been set to guide engineers while they design plans for a building. These steps have been designed to protect pedestrians, workers and anybody who might come near the building site.
It is very important for designers to familiarize themselves with the steps that have been put in place for public and environmental safety in the Waikato. This will minimize the risk of accidents in construction and protect the environment. The reason for this study is to find out the does and don’ts of a designer while creating a building design. It also aims to educate the public on the importance of public safety and environmental safety during construction and the design process. Conducting the study was not easy. Several limitations hampered the full realization of the study.
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