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The material is made of thin sheets of wood placed in layers. Plywood is made by placing thin sheets of wood veneer on top or beneath one or more layers…
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Plywood Plywood is one engineering material that finds a lot of use in the construction industry (Muller, 2003; Chandigarh, 2001). The material is made of thin sheets of wood placed in layers. Plywood is made by placing thin sheets of wood veneer on top or beneath one or more layers of other wood veneers and gluing them together (Wood Solutions, 2014). Wood veneers or plies that form the layers may be chip boards, thin sheets of wood, or fiber boards that are of medium density. Normally, the plies are normally arranged so that the wood grains of adjacent plies are up to 900 in rotation. Ply woods can have different numbers of plies glued together. Typically, the number of plies is odd, such as three, five, and seven. For example, a three ply piece has three veneers glued together while a five fly piece has five veneers glued together. Generally, plywood is considered to be composites given that they are made of at least two materials; fiber sheets and glue (Logan, 2014).
There are different types of plywood, each suited to a particular use. Some of the most common types of plywood include softwood, hardwood, tropical, aircraft, and special-purpose. Although they are commonly used in (building) construction, plywood also finds use in boats, furniture, vehicle internal body works, and packages (Ernes, 1970). The core layers of plywood serve to increase the distance between the outer layers so that the material is able to accommodate more bending stresses.
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