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The Impacts Caused By Demographic, Industrial Structure and Labour Market Scenario on the Occupational Health (OH) Challenges in the UK and Its Intervention Programs - Essay Example

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Occupational Health (OH) related hazards have become a crucial factor for organisational leaders to ensure higher degree of employee satisfaction, sustainability and long-run employee loyalty. Similarly, OH has also been recently considered as a vital concern for political and social leaders to ensure mortality rates and sustainable socio-economic developments of the society. …
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The Impacts Caused By Demographic, Industrial Structure and Labour Market Scenario on the Occupational Health (OH) Challenges in the UK and Its Intervention Programs
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Extract of sample "The Impacts Caused By Demographic, Industrial Structure and Labour Market Scenario on the Occupational Health (OH) Challenges in the UK and Its Intervention Programs"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, various strategies concerning OH have been taken both at the industrial and at the governmental levels which are further influenced by demographics, industrial structures and labour market trends of that particular economy. With this concern, the study assessed the impacts of these aforementioned variables in the economic context of the United Kingdom in the recent phenomenon.
Methods: A qualitative, literature review process has been applied in this study. Reports published by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) based on the recent changes observed in the demographics, industrial structures and labour market scenario of the UK have been regarded as valuable and reliable secondary sources in this study.
Results: The results obtained in this study suggest that the strategies applied by UK governmental bodies and industrial players have been quite effective in reducing the OH risks among the workforce over the recent past. However, more in-depth studies are required to be conducted on SMEs to gain more reliable understanding of the situation.
It is often proclaimed that occupational scenarios have apparently changed since the past decades. Domains of environmental studies or those assessing the socio-cultural, economic and political circumstances, palpably advocate favourable arguments to such affirmations. The repercussion of these changes has further influenced the social-life as well as the work-life of humans to a substantial extent in the 21st century society (Bambra & et. al., 2009; Perry-Jenkins & et. al., 2000). With the increasing complexities in the managerial dimensions and the all-inclusive nature of the developing job positions, a consequent rise in job related pressure can be witnessed upon workers in the global realm. Job-stress, physical health deterioration as a result of excess work load, competition within and outside the workplace at individual levels and work-life balance have emerged as a few of the frequently argued contentious topics; not only amid organisational leaders, but also among healthcare specialists and researchers, which is subjectively referred as ‘Occupational Health’ (OH) (Hill & et. al., 2010; Murphy & Sauter, 2004). It is not always quite practical to presume or expect that people working in a particular organisation will be provided with continuous and adequate assistances from their supervisors in order to deal with work related stress. The responsibility is divided equally among organisational leaders and workers. Perhaps, owing to the continuously increasing complexities and dimensions of managerial functions, the rising stress level within workplaces seems to be inevitable, irrespective of the countermeasures implemented giving rise to various OH risks (Sparks & et. al., 2001). In the long term, these risks result in the overall health deterioration among employees, apart from causing managerial quandaries. Studies have revealed that employees working in extreme stressful conditions are quite likely to suffer various physical health problems such as lower back pain (Davis & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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