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Condition of operation of Single-phase Induction Generator , Parameters and Characteristics of Single-phase Induction Generator - Thesis Example

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This research seeks to critically illustrate the operation of induction motors as generators with particular focus to the conditions of operation of single-phase Induction generators as well as the various parameters and characteristics of single-phase induction generators…
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Condition of operation of Single-phase Induction Generator , Parameters and Characteristics of Single-phase Induction Generator
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Extract of sample "Condition of operation of Single-phase Induction Generator , Parameters and Characteristics of Single-phase Induction Generator"

Download file to see previous pages Single-Phase Induction Generators are simple AC motors that employ the principles of induction to derive their power (asynchronous power generation). The use of induction motors as generators is currently one of the most cost effective ways of generating electricity from wind turbine systems and other common applications. This is particularly achieved by mechanically turning the rotor of the generators at faster speeds than the synchronous speed in order to produce a torque through electromagnetic induction. For example, rather than consuming energy, a single phased motor can effectively be used to generate power by driving it at speeds over its rated speed (Murthy 8).
The working principle of single phase induction generators is similar to that of the three phase induction generators. For example, all induction generators generally work on induction principle based on Faradays law of conduction that states that when a conductor moves in a magnetic field, an electric voltage that can potentially set up a current is induced. However, unlike three phase induction generators, single-phase induction generators are not self starting and, therefore, require excitation in order to start. Single-phase induction generator must always be excited with a leading voltage. This is normally achieved either by connecting the generators to an electrical grid or using phase correcting capacitors to provide a mechanism for self excitation. In such modes of operation, the single phased induction generators usually draw their excitation current from the electrical grid or the capacitors.
Due to their ability to generate energy with relatively simple controls, single phased induction generators are increasingly gaining popularity in a number of applications some of which include generating power from wind turbine systems, mini hydro power plants and in the reduction of high pressure gas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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