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Review of: Materials challenges for nuclear systems - Essay Example

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Unlike in the earlier days when oil and petroleum was the primary source of energy supply, in the modern times, the world is changing from the use of oil and…
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Review of: Materials challenges for nuclear systems
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Download file to see previous pages f energy has been adopted by a number of developed economies because these source of energy have been used preferred in the modern years for the great benefits that accrue from this resource. However, the use of nuclear source of energy has faced a number of challenges. This has limited the application of this valuable source of power and energy to the general public and the modern industrial developments (Murray, 2009). Some of the uses of this source of energy include the production of war and military weapons. The application of this source of energy has faced a great threat following the opposition from the developed economies such as the United States and the United Nation for the fear of exposure and increase in the cases of crime and terror threats to the development of the modern economies. For this reason, a lot of sanctions have been imposed on the countries that are proposed to replacing the traditional non-renewable source of power and energy with the most modern and acceptable nuclear energy.
The other challenge in the production and replacement of oil and petroleum source of power with nuclear energy is also criticized for its spillover effects on the economy and the general environment. Nuclear energy poses an adverse effect on the surrounding environment through increased environmental pollution and degradation. The use of nuclear energy in the production and industrial processes a great danger to the environment through exhaustion and pollution (Murray, 2009). Although very economical, the use of nuclear energy in the industrial and economic process is limited to the extent of the environmental damage. Therefore, the application of this source of energy in the modern economy has some negative and unacceptable effects which are reflected in the entire environment, hence limiting the use of nuclear energy in the production and manufacturing sectors of the economy.
Finally, the use of nuclear source of energy has been limited for the fact that this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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