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Materials: Concrete Durability Design - Assignment Example

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The water is more suitable as it meets the specifications of ASTM C94. The requirements cover for concrete that is already mixed produced and dispatched to a…
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Materials: Concrete Durability Design
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Download file to see previous pages In case of selected applicable materials’ absence, the specified material specification shall be employed in hydraulic cement, cementitious materials, concrete mixtures, admixture, and aggregates. Except like otherwise particularly permitted, admixtures, aggregate, and cement shall be calculated using mass. The mixers used should be stationary.
In this specific project, a combined gradation has been used making it suitable for the concrete. As shown in appendix 2, the aggregate gradation has been judged by combining part particle distribution and combined gradation in the mix of fine and coarse aggregates. The gradation conforms to three quarter in size. The aggregate conforms to ASTM C33 and it satisfies the requirements like the coarse aggregate size, the joint aggregate has been graded from the most coarse to the most finest ranging from 8% to 18% retained on every sieve between most coarse size and nominal aggregate sieve (Lamond 2006). The finer and no 100 sieves have not more than eight percent retained, and the aggregate in use has been obtained from one source which suits ASTM E11. The aggregate has been regulated by weight. It has also been controlled to evade isolation during delivery. The nominal size of one to half inch has been mixed by the use of at least three sizes. The gradation should be submitted and plotted on a chart where percent passing is plotted against sieve size and percent retained against sieve size. The fineness combined aggregate modulus and individual ingredient modulus (sand and blended stone) should be reported and computed. The combined aggregate parameters that follow should be reported and computed as a percent of joint aggregates:
iv. For mixtures that have excess cementitious material, they will be included in the W in order to obtain a factor that has been adjusted. Similarly, any amount that is less will be taken away from W factor.
Moreover, the mortar percentage in the mixture will be maintained within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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