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Comparison between Manual Gear and Automatic Gear - Research Paper Example

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A gear refers to a part of a rotating machine with cur cogs or teeth that are meant to mesh with other parts that are also toothed so as to transmit torque. A set up consisting of more than one gear that operates in tandem is commonly referred to as a transmission and is used to…
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Comparison between Manual Gear and Automatic Gear
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"Comparison between Manual Gear and Automatic Gear"

Download file to see previous pages Such a transmission is made up of a series of gears that are used to produce the rotational force needed to turn the wheels of the vehicle. The transmission unit of a car which is commonly called a gear box has gears which transfer power form the engine of the car to its wheels. The transmission has to be equipped with multiple gears in that the car operates on the proper gear in different situations. The gearboxes are of multiple types with the difference being the determinant factor of how a car will operate. There are two main types of gears; manual gear and automatic gears.
Modern cars have been equipped with two major transmission options, namely; manual or automatic transmission. There exist a number of differences between these transmission types with regards to their components, how they operate, the advantages and disadvantages associated with them and their applications. This paper is going to look at the differences evident between automatic transmission and manual transmission.
A manual gearbox type is a car transmission which permits the driver to choose gears as he or she wishes with the use of a stick shift. For the driver to select the desired gear, the clutch pedal has to be depressed making it unique to cars with manual transmission (Zheng W. Chung et al 2007). This move disengages the gearbox disconnecting it from the engine. Once the desired gear has been chosen through having the shifter moved to the correct position, the clutch is now free and can be released. This action reconnects the gearbox and the engine.
Manual transmission can be classified into two types; the constant-mesh type and the sliding-gear design. In the sliding gear design, its main parts are the cluster and drive gear. On each gear is a dog clutch fitted with a hub, a shaft and an outer ring (Zheng W. Chung et al 2007). Synchronizers are also fitted to prevent clashing of the gears. The hub mainly splines the drive gears while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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