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Materials&Manufacturing Report (( car body pressing )) - Essay Example

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In recent times, competition is increasingly growing to create demand in the automotive industry hence the need for unit cost reductions and productivity improvements. This has led to changes in operation strategies amongst production managers hence for a model of car in house a…
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Materials&Manufacturing Report (( car body pressing ))
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"Materials&Manufacturing Report (( car body pressing ))"

Download file to see previous pages Dies is used for press blanking to the section and is specific depending on the necessity of the shape of the panel required or if there is justification in the volume of production. Blanks may be sufficient for some panels, trapezoidal, rectangular, or slightly curved shapes to be produced by line or shearing machines. The oscillating shear is a development for use since it is more flexible for the blank preparation with a stroke rate of more than 100 per minute. The blanking line includes; de-coiler, coil handling, flattener or leveller, blanking press, feeder, and stacker for blanks. The function of a corrective leveller is for the removal of;
These blanks which are tailored welded for the complex panels are primed through diverse linking processes including; spot welding, laser welding, and mash-seam welding that result into better strength material that is cost effective. Pieces similar or different in gauges or materials are welded together into a single blank before the stamping process. Dense or thin or different strength groupings also result in the reduction of weight. These tailored blanks may reduce the stack tolerance and improve the dimensional accuracy of the vehicle.
The inner assembly’s dimensional accuracy of a conventional door covers tolerance in the width of the steel, and the tolerances associated with piercing, stamping, and spot welding reinforcements. The improvement of accuracy is achieved by the minimization if the reinforcements. The dimensional variation of hole location in door panels have been reduced with laser welding of blanks from +/- 0.5 to +/-0.075 mm. Spot welding or seam welding may be used but for a tailored blank, the laser welding blanks are used since they provide three advantages including;
However, there is a greater demand of strict control of the butt-joint pressure, the edge quality, and other parameters of laser welding that includes; welding speed, power, beam alignment, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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