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Low Voltage - Essay Example

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This power can come from through batteries or mains powered power supply. A key requirement of a stabilized power supply is that its output is maintained at constant voltage and is does not react to load current…
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Low Voltage
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Extract of sample "Low Voltage"

Download file to see previous pages As the meter displays voltage in the Root Mean Square form, otherwise known as RMS, the eventual result must be multiplied by √2 to give peak value (Vpeak = Vrms X √2). The mulitmeter can then be set to DC voltage so that the voltage can be calculated at points A, B, C, and E in relation to point D. In this report, these results will be displayed and discussed in the results section.
The voltage recorded at A (Vad) can be put up against the calculated peak value of (Vxy peak). In perfect circumstances, these results should end up being the same, except point A was reduced due to a drop in the voltage current across the rectifier diodes.
The voltages in the terminals of the transistors and across the 1Ω resistor (this is the voltage between A & C, Vac) are then measured. The results of this were then taken down and will be shown in the results section further down.
The mains power is then switched off and the "Collector Link" was disconnected. Also, the multimeter was set to a DC current measurement. After performing this, the power can then be turned back on and the transistors collector current (Ic) is measured. This is only possible through connecting the multimeter between the two exposed pins that make up the Collector Link. The power is then turned off one more time and the Collector Link can be reconnected; however, the Base Link is still connected this time. After this, the power can be turned on once again on and the transistors base current (Ib) can be measured. This is done through connecting the multimeter between two exposed pins that make up the Base Link. At this point in time, these values are taken down and the Base Link connection can finally be restored.
In this setup, the currents for the emitter and transistors collector are virtually the same. The results section shows that the power supply load current is exactly the same as the current used for the transistor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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